goste - Eugene EP

Released December 4, 2014

By Adam Briscoe

Entering with brilliant textures and playful sounds, Volcanoes (Slow Fade) is one of the most interesting opening pieces I’ve heard in a while. The sounds draw you in, a hypnotizing blend when combined with the vocals. Before you know it the beat hits your ears with sweet female backgrounds and simple yet pleasing harmonies from goste.

In Loadedlikeapistol fantastic electronic beats wrap around your head while the vocals relax you all before leaded up to a more rocking chorus line. This track has great Wah-Wah guitar effects and buzzing hidden synth lines that you really need to search out to enjoy. Not to mention a great electronically soothing breakdown in the middle of the song.

Opening with sweet reverse tracking and shimmering synth pads, Hold On / Let Go shows that goste can really paint a picture using electronic and synth textures that fill your head. The “holding on” in the song feels represented in the more mellow sections of the song whereas the “letting go” is represented by the more upbeat and moving chorus lines , “We hold on, then we let go.”

Then you get something gritty but so tasty. Won’t Be Long is filled with one of the most beautifully searing guitar solos I have heard in a very long time, paired nicely beside big open drum fills and more electronic madness.

Feel like taking a trip to space? Well, ladies and gentlemen, the last track Single File delivers that in handfuls. Full of old buzzing noises, and other grand synth lines and textures that make goste so atmospheric and enjoyable to listen to.

This is a fantastic third EP by goste that's perfect for someone looking to sit back and take in the world. Lovers of electronic music with fun textures with be enamored with goste.