Gramatik - The Age of Reason   

By Morgan Berna


The day The Age of Reason came out I knew exactly how I’d listen to it: Sitting on my recliner, on my patio, with a cold beer in hand. Lucky for me the weather complied and I was able to listen to the full album in the sunshine before being driven back inside by the evening chill. I’ve come to expect a high-quality of music from Gramatik over the years, from both previous albums and live performances, and The Age of Reason didn’t disappoint. This album moves way beyond a singular sound with elements of a variety of genres able to be found within each song. Listening to the album you’ll go from hearing electro-soul (Expect Us) to classical piano (You Don’t Understand) to funk (It’s Just a Ride, Get a Grip feat. Gibbz). With so many genres included, The Age of Reason is nothing short of unpredictable. While some fans could find the move away from more hip-hop sounds not to their liking, I’d like to assure you this albums still has the vibe you’ve grown to love. Each song will get you feeling relaxed, upbeat, and ready to move. As an ongoing political statement for internet freedom, the album is available as a free torrent on Gramatik’s website. On that page you’ll also find a donations button, and I’d suggest hitting that up if you are so financially able. It’s always nice to give back to these musicians who give us fans so much. Give the album a listen, and let us know on Twitter what you think.