Released June 23, 2015

By Graham White

Have you been craning your ears, waiting for an alt-country album filled with bright guitar and strong, danceable beats? Hawk and Steel’s latest album, ‘Anywhere But Here’, delivers all this and more. As the vocals warble with distinct richness and the guitar slides in with more feeling than a summer-time breakup, the album solidifies Hawk and Steel as a musical rainstorm.

Hailing from Victoria, BC, the group is not afraid to experiment with the infusion of punk sounds alongside folk tones, making for a memorable listen. Musically, Hawk and Steel produce beauty wrapped in barbed wire, creating a dynamic and enjoyable experience. With a sound that is reminiscent of Treelines, I can only describe it as incredibly danceable. I cannot imagine a live Hawk and Steel show without a full dance-floor.

The album is full of impressive lyrics and prideful vocal harmonies, most noticeably on Fire in the Wind and Spinning Wheel, which have quickly become my favourite tracks on the album. The album as a whole is wonderfully poetic, with the musical accompaniment perfectly matching the tone set by the lyrics.

With a collection of instruments that complement each other with ease, ‘Anywhere But Here’ has a charm to it that can be appreciated by any music aficionado. Certainly an album that ought to grace the ears of alt-country lovers, it has a great deal of tunes that would be enjoyed by anyone who loves a good dance in an open field. Hawk and Steel have crafted an album that grows on you the more you listen to it, an album that is honest and perfectly polished to the alt-country aesthetic. I can only look forward to catching this group live, as I’m sure it would be unforgettably wonderful.