Off the upcoming album: Anywhere But Here (June 23, 2015)

By Larry Chen

David And Katie, the latest single from Victoria folk and alt-country band Hawk and Steel, has a familiar upbeat bluegrass and country sound to it, coupled with sombre lyrics. The song comes from their upcoming album, Anywhere But Here, which is set to be released on June 23rd. 

The single depicts the story of two people whose lives are completely turned "upside down [and] so wrong with a single mistake," (cue bank-robbery). The band has a very down to earth instrumentation with the heavy use of harmonica, banjo, and guitar. Frontman Peter Gardner's smooth vocals command attention. The timing of his voice breaks with his unwavering sound are a feat of its own.

Overall, David And Katie is a foot-stomping, fun alt-country single that, on a musical level, has us impressed. On a lyrical level, Hawk And Steel are great storytellers and we hope to see this translated onto the upcoming album.

Check out the official music video for David And Katie here