Healing With Magnets - S/T

Released August 6, 2014

By Charlie Dims

At first glance, Healing With Magnets’ self-titled album looks a little intimidating. While there are only six songs, each one is roughly 5-9 minutes long. Now, songs in any length are a difficult thing to get right. Songs that are longer than the standard three minutes are even harder to get right. With such a large space, it’s easy for things to take one wrong turn, or many wrong turns. We’ve probably all heard songs that go on and on, slowly rushing to a dead end, and you end up checking the runtime to see how much longer this thing will go on.

Luckily, Healing With Magnets avoids this dreary situation completely. Instead of running into endless repetition, the songs that they create on their self-titled debut should not even be called “songs”, but rather mini experiences—a feat that just about every band wishes to accomplish. Take, for example, the first track with no sense of former allegiance. At the opening, we are introduced to what seems to be a simple and sweet guitar strum. As the song continues, though, distant-sounding vocals and a building drum sets the tone for a new, edgier direction. Just as the song seems that it’s about to dive into rock, it pulls back, settling for a calmer middle ground. The vocals of Jacob Mullen and Warren Funk blend sweet falsettos with a more pain-drenched style. However nice these vocals are, the band proves that they have enough power and talent to create a story without any words at all, as they do both in instrumental breaks and in the track there is man in machinery. While their debut is not as even as it could be, what they’ve created is a strong piece of work that displays a unique voice and a musical force in control of their craft.