Released February 24, 2015

By Adam Briscoe

Are you ready for something unexpected from the Big Apple? Well, for fans of Celine Dion, Barbara Streisand, and Kelly Clarkson we've got the latest from Heather Powell, A Haze of Grays and Blues.

Opening the album is Unexpected, a grooving little song about meeting up for a night of fun and “unexpected bliss” - a real night on the town kind of track. Following this jiving and romantic track is the harder and grittier Black and White Thinking. This song is filled with many darker tones and lyrics, without overshadowing the groove of the song.

Skipping along to the center pieces of the album, Awaken Me sounds like something you'd hear in an old, dark club. Something from the classic silver screen. Awaken Me, with its gentle rhythm section and cocktail of horn melodies, transports you through time.

Following this is what may be simply the most beautiful song of Powell’s, Falling, a simple and soft song about someone falling in love. It wraps you up from the intro with a dazzling string section that then carries you throughout the duration of the song. Then comes Unstoppable, a track that sounds like Powell reminiscing about days past, boys, books, pizza, and beer. Powell somehow makes beer and pizza sound sweeter than ever in this soft, easy listener.

Finally to sum up A Haze of Grays and Blue is See Me, a song that seems to be about not letting herself just be a dream to someone and pleading to them to just “see me". See Me proves to be the most vocally pleasing song on the album, with Powell really pushing out some very over the tops lines and beautiful vibrato over top of all this shiny music that’s happening in the background.

A Haze of Grays and Blue is a fantastic and well produced album, likely suited for an older crowd, or fans of Dion, Streisand, and Clarkson. If you are interested in hearing more from Heather Powell then visit her website here.