HIGHS - @ The Habitat

Kelowna, BC

November 24, 2016

By Morgan Berna

The last time I saw HIGHS was at The Imperial, in Vancouver BC, when their self-titled EP had come out. Opening for Northcote, their tropical pop sound felt like a vacation - and Summer Dress was my jam. (You can read our review of their EP here). 

Their Kelowna show was different, the more intimate venue was a great opportunity to really hear their sound and enjoy a more personal show. 

Having now released their debut album, Dazzle Camouflage, HIGHS has definitely grown into a style that fits them perfectly. It’s a bit pop, some remnants of their tropical days, mixed with some alt-rock and funk. 

They opened the set with Closetalker, a easy favourite off Dazzle Camouflage that pulls you right in. If you’re going to listen to one song to get a feel for their style, Closetalker is my recommendation. 

HIGHS impressed with their slower pieces, the 3-part harmonies soared through the venue and gave chills - particularly in Interlude. The crescendos were executed effortlessly, growing and falling like waves. Songs like Handsome Man are very reminiscent of We Are the City's slower songs, a nice touch while in Kelowna. 

Karrie Douglas had an incredible power to her voice that I didn’t expect from the album, and was a standout of the show. Acting Strange added some freshness to their set, and it would be great to see her featured like this more in the future.   

Overall, a great performance by HIGHS. They are another example of the awesome creative music coming out of Canada right now. Be sure to check them out when they’re in your city - you can see their tour schedule by clicking here