Hollow Twin - Bound by Blood

Released October 28, 2016

By Kendra Cooper

Deep echoey sounds stand out on Hollow Twin’s newest single Bound by Blood.  Produced by Nygel Asselin (Half Moon Run) and funded by FACTOR, the group brings the depth of a simple rhythm made epic.

Rebecca Wosk and Emmalee Watts (vocals, guitar) have shared their love of retro vibes making this the song to time travel with. It is almost as if you could hear the melody bouncing off the ancient rock walls of tall mountains. The drums pick up around the 1:35 mark, lifting the sadness like little cracks of light in a dark forest. The guitar taps into the emotions that link the folk and rock of decades past. Bound by Blood braids land and body with stories of floods, breathing, blood, flames and gold.

The single will be released October 28th, so check their website (linked below) for updates.