I am Love - S/T

Released January, 2015

By Adam Briscoe

Inspired by Sonic Youth, Leonard Cohen, and Timber Timbre, I am Love’s self titled album can best be described as ambient-folk ghost-rock. Okay, that genre may be made up, but simply calling I am Love’s music experimental doesn’t quite do it justice. From the booming foghorn vocals, harmonies, and steady rock beats, to the aggressive guitar licks, I am Love has it all.

The album opens with Pillar of Salt, with shimmering guitar shots and beautifully haunting vocals. Pillar of Salt is easily the catchy highlight of the album. Fans of Of Monsters and Men will love this track for the steady beat and horns draped over it. The pace stays upbeat until slower track, Ghost In the Hallways, comes in leading you with a deep growling voice and sprite whines. The track calms you and pushes you right into the fire with the sections of sweet ride cymbals and ambient screams.

Seemingly out of nowhere comes Stinkbug Serenade, filling your ears with an uneasy buzzing. This really is not one of their strongest pieces, feeling like an over-the-top attempt to produce something experimental. While a self-proclaimed futuristic album, Stinkbug Serenade was simply lost on us.

Finest Hour ends the album on a sweet note, with it’s childish piano and harmonious strings crying out in the background. Group vocals make this piece have a sense of togetherness, while still feeling lonely and full of wanting. The album ends on an optimistic note, with I am Love telling us, “Let no holes in the road sway your steps.”

I am Love is an interesting album to say the least. From Pillar of Salt it’s obvious these musicians are talented and able to create some awesome music, but the comedic and, to be honest, unfortunate pieces like Stinkbug Serenade may lose I am Love’s listeners part way through the album. That being said, it can’t be argued that this sounds like a band we need to see live to fully understand. We look forward to what they come up with next, and would recommend checking them out live if the opportunity presents itself.