in contra. - Little Church

Released November 22, 2014

By Larry Chen

In contra.’s bandcamp page describes them as “experimental alternative indie instrumental post rock” which is by far the most accurate genre explanation I’ve seen in a fair amount of time. At first, you might open up the album in iTunes or read over the track times and find every track to be over 6 minutes, which can be daunting. However, don’t let that dissuade you from giving it a listen (true post-rock fans might even consider these songs short).

The album’s first track Twoarrival is quite the mixed track; it starts off with what seems to be a pretty hardcore instrumental rock song and then fades into more of their experimental indie vibe. The  8 ½ minute track has peaks and lows throughout the whole thing leaving you wanting more and expecting more from the album- which doesn’t disappoint.

The following tracks Baghduster and Guns in Timberland both have the same sounding instrumentation except for the latter half’s peculiar vocals at the ending of the song. The layered vocals are haunting yet rather familiar, but I can’t seem to wrap my head around it.

Six Years Old has a rather brooding sound to it, starting with strings and finishing with the loud and boisterous drums and other instruments that, by the time you’ve gotten to this track- you are probably used to. 

BonBon is a really heavy, thrashing drums track with a lot of energy. It ends with a few minutes of almost alien sounding feedback, and light drums. Byzantine Conduit is similar to BonBon with its feedback ending. It has this really awesome, building intro that grabs your attention, right before the track explodes into a high-energy sound.

Overall, Little Church is a good album for fans of post-rock, or instrumental metal music. It's a cool, heavy album with some awesome instrumentation.