Passenger - Young as the Morning, Old as the Sea

By Desire Amouzou

The last time I spent quality time with my mother, I had been out at a club, making sure I was sufficiently pushing my demos, making sure they got played. I remember she waited up for me, and when I got home, I was still mildly inebriated. She was watching Magnum PI.

Bon Iver - 22, A Million

By Brendan Tuytel

Utilizing objective references like geography and time in conjunction with subjective experience and emotion, Bon Iver builds songs of imprints and impressions with which the listener develops themes based off of Vernon’s impeccable storylines.

Frank Ocean - Blonde

By Jordan Taylor

Frank Ocean's first album left me frantically searching the Internet for more. With so much hype, it was almost a shock how good the follow-up was, with so much pressure to produce. Frankly put, Ocean's new album blew me away.

Crystal Castles - Amnesty (I)

By Kendra Cooper

Crystal Castles gives us new front-woman beginnings with their fourth album Amnesty (I). After the unforgettable Alice Glass left the group under shaky circumstances with producer Ethan Kath, Edith Frances stepped into vocals and the high standards of their audience.

The Avalanches - Wildflower

By Brendan Tuytel

It’s the perfect album for summer, so go out and make a mistake with it playing in the background, light some Roman candles with breath that might ignite from one too many drinks, swim stripped down to bare skin, and make some memories to the sounds of someone else’s.

Parquet Courts - Human Performance

By Ethan White

Forty-two-minute masterpiece Human Performance brings to light a more romantic and philosophical side to Parquet Courts' lyricism and boasts a cleaner production than their previous albums.

James Blake - The Colour in Anything

By Brendan Tuytel

While Blake’s brand of gloomy glitch gospel has always been unique, what makes it stand out is the way he maximizes minimalist principles to create a sound juxtaposing grandiosity with simplicity. 

Kid North - New Waters

By Jordan Taylor

I found myself up late at night multiple times in the week trying to wrap my head around this review; unsure of whether it was from my own personal life, or from the uniqueness of walking into the deep end of Kid North's second studio album New Waters.

Explosions In The Sky - The Wilderness

By Brendan Tuytel 

The first song of The Wilderness feels unfamiliar, not just with the listener, but with itself. The title evokes feelings of nature, but the cover focuses on geometry – calculated shapes overlapping organic images and shades. It’s a contrast the album revels in. 

Chris Isaak - First Comes the Night

By Joe Gibson

Chris Isaak has been around for a long time. When I was 13, I used to watch the Chris Isaak show on Showcase every Friday night in my room, and he seemed old then. I don't know if Mr. Isaak has ever been considered “mainstream-cool”, but he's damn well “cult-cool”.

Joanna Newsom - Divers

By Joe Gibson

I love Joanna Newsom, and I wanted Divers to be her masterpiece, everything she's done well before synthesized into something truly groundbreaking. Unfortunately, it isn't. While Divers is a condensed version of her previous albums in every sense of the word, there's nothing on it that reaches the heights of what's come before. Welcome to the Greatest Hitsera... Nothing new here, just a good serving of Newsomisms.

Blitzen Trapper - All Across This Land

By Chloe Sjuberg

Before giving Blitzen Trapper’s eighth studio album my first real listen, my first impression was that the song titles were incredibly cheesy. Lonesome AngelNights Were Made For LoveCadillac Road… Free with preorder: bad ‘80s hair, a broken heart, an old sports car and a drinking problem? Why the gratuitous parentheses on Rock and Roll (Was Made For You)?

Deafheaven - New Bermuda

By Brendan Tuytel

Aiming for a darker sound, doomy bells clang in the build up to the bursting guitars and barks of Brought to the Water. Guitarists Kerry McCoy and Shiv Mehra wrought rough riffs into jaunting melodies broken up by rhythmic, chugging power chords. It’s more definitively metal than most tracks on Sunbather dared to be.

Space Apaches - Smokin' Voyages

By Graham White

Opening with classic psychedelia and a late 70’s – early 80’s rock and roll vibe, Smokin’ Voyages is a nostalgic album for anyone who hasn’t stopped listening to the Eagles and is looking for something new (they are described on their SoundCloud as being, "kinda like a psychedelic Eagles with a sense of humor.").

Charlie Dims - Dreams

By Larry Chen

Charlie Dims used to be a writer here at Geyser Music and has now released his own album on bandcamp. Dreams is a stripped down and acoustic album with a heavy yet easy-listening tone to all the songs. Charlie’s voice is smooth but also slightly raspy, it definitely has a timbre that is fitted to the indie/alternative genre.

Luca Bash - Single Drops

By Fiona Roome

Luca Bash’s Single Drops is somewhat of a sampler of his various other EPs. Bash takes one song from each of his previous EPs CyanMagentaYellow, and Key Black, and features a new single Your Tomorrow, as the opening track. Bash favours the upbeat folk flavour with intricate string melodies. As Layla Marino of says, his style is “a sort of fusion between latin-inspired guitar and country Americana.”

Nashaat Salman - Universal Melodies Vol. 1

By Joel Strauss

Within the first five seconds of hearing Nashaat Salman’s ‘Universal Melodies Vol. 1’  - released on July 11 2015 - listeners will be impressed by the sheer musicianship and craftsmanship alone. Nashaat is a composer worthy of mention along the likes of Hans

Beach House - Depression Cherry

By Brendan Tuytel

The opener Leviathan features a swell of keyboards building into Legrand’s near whisper - nothing new, but it still gets a firm grasp on the listener, in part due to the anticipation which follows. 

The Liquorsmiths - This Book Belongs To EP

By Graham White

The San Diego indie folk group The Liquorsmiths’ soon to be released EP, This Book Belongs To, simply bleeds emotion with its narrative lyricism. With song arrangements that are interestingly diverse, the EP still maintains distinct connections to groups like Wilco and Bright Eyes.

Albert Hammond Jr. - Momentary Masters

By Rose Morris

Albert Hammond Jr., best known for his role as guitarist in critically-acclaimed rock band The Strokes, has proven time and again that he can hold his own as a solo artist, so it comes as no big surprise that his latest album is another musical triumph. The album, titled Momentary Masters, showcases Hammond’s classic rock roots as well as his modern, indie-rocker tendencies.

Dirty Ghosts - Cataract EP

By Rose Morris

Whether you’re spending the season lounging oceanside or tearing it up in the concrete jungle, these Cali kids have created the perfect EP to punch up your summer playlist.

Explosions in the Sky - Manglehorn

By Fiona Roome

The light, airy soundtrack for Manglehorn has a great background sound for a mellow atmosphere, with peaceful, sometimes repetitive, tracks.

Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment - Surf

By Brendan Tuytel

In Surf, there are some concepts that will grasp you, draw you in, and engage you with gratifying grooves and energetic presentation, yet it lacks the defined touch of more refined albums.

bitter's kiss - S/T EP

By Graham White

Opening the self-titled EP with melancholic melodies that flow lucidly alongside dreamy vocals, Already Gone immediately establishes Chloe Baker’s addictive voice and talent for lyricism.

Joe Blessett - Excuse Me

By Adam Briscoe

Excuse Me is the latest sound creation from the Orlando based musician Joe Blessett. Coming from an inspiration from the likes of Kanye West to Pink Floyd, most music lovers would want to dive right into this and check out how the two are intertwined.

Winchester Landing - Burden's Landing

By Morgan Berna

Ice Water ends off the EP with attitude, energy, and Winchester Revival’s classic sound. Overall, a great EP that definitely sparks interest in seeing what these guys will have for us next. A continuation on the really creative aspects of this EP would be fantastic.

Jeff Bridges - The Sleeping Tapes

By Rose Morris

Jeff Bridges has never done anything to convince me that his real-life personality is any different than that of his iconic Coen Brothers character, Jeffrey “The Dude” Lebowski. This new album, The Sleeping Tapes, just solidifies his Dudeness all the more. This is the most completely batshit insane thing I’ve listened to in a long time.

Vince Grant - My Depression Is Always Trying To Kill Me

By Adam Briscoe

With deep, emotive vocals and lyrics that make you feel like you're reading a page from his journal, My Depression Is Always Trying To Kill Me makes for a beautiful listen. It's slow rock, it's melancholic, and it's relatable.

Heather Powell - A Haze of Grays and Blues

By Adam Briscoe

Are you ready for something unexpected from the Big Apple? Well, for fans of Celine Dion, Barbara Streisand, and Kelly Clarkson we've got the latest from Heather Powell, A Haze of Grays and Blues.

Joey Bada$$ - B4.DA.$$

By Brendan Tuytel

I’ve always been amazed with young artists. Youth is a tumultuous time with duels of identity and change; if we believe art to be an extension of self, then that should be a period of inconsistency for maturing musicians.

Mark Maze - Uncomfortable Truths

By Adam Briscoe

Coming from across the pond to our ears here in Canada is Mark Maze. Born and raised in Leicester, England Maze witnessed many friends fall to bad decisions, but his ambition and love for music was greater and pushed his want for a better life. Now he brings us the brand new album Uncomfortable Truths.

Dave Plaehn - Radio Sister

By Adam Briscoe

Having gone through many years of music and different genres through the years, you can definitely hear the influence of many different eras in Plaehn's music. Songs like Nothing’s Got A Hold On You with it’s funky bass lines and tight drums radiate with the R&B and disco sounds of the 70’s. While Better Things To Do carries sounds of the 90’s rock pop scene with it’s more polished sounds and textures.   

The Torn Images - Reviver

By Morgan Berna

Overall, Reviver is a great indie-rock album. It grabs just enough inspiration from classic bands like Nirvana or The Strokes, while maintaining a fresh and modern sound that is relatable for new audiences. While I don't feel they've got a major hit-single on their hands quite yet, they're definitely getting close.

Future Islands - Singles

By Brendan Tuytel

I consider myself a cynic in the sense that I don’t really believe in a timeless record. I believe in an aging and dying process that even art is privy to. Maybe it’s not as drastic as either being iconic or not, but more of a drawn out degradation. Singles may not be timeless, but its hybrid of modernity and dated 80’s synth pop challenged my concept of how art and music ages.

CommonUnion59 - Heartbeat Serenade

By Graham White

CommonUnion59, the folk singer-songwriter duo from San Francisco, California, is preparing to release a folk/alt-country album that is as ripe with emotion as it is intimate. Made up of Steve McKenzie and Laura Malasig, CommonUnion59’s soon to be released album Heartbeat Serenade will delight listeners with story-like tracks that are full of brilliant imagery and pure emotion.

I am Love - S/T

By Adam Briscoe

Inspired by Sonic Youth, Leonard Cohen, and Timber Timbre, I am Love’s self titled album can best be described as ambient-folk ghost-rock. Okay, that genre may be made up, but simply calling I am Love’s music experimental doesn’t quite do it justice.

Grizzly - Small Things EP

By Charlie Dims

A bittersweet album that takes a melancholic perspective on life. This alternative rock album is catchy, unique, and upbeat.

Dimestore Prophets - Be Yourself EP

By Adam Briscoe

A bright and shiny EP that is sure to lighten your mood and get you dancing. This EP gives a nod to Barenaked Ladies, Mumford and Sons, and Jack Johnson.

The Great Escape - S/T

By Graham White

For those looking for that nostalgic yet contemporary blues rock sound, look no further. The Great Escape’s self titled album provides listeners with an amazing collection of blues tracks and impressive jazz inspired vocality.

Federico Parra - Descending

By Graham White

Federico Parra’s newest experimental work Descending transcends the boundaries of music, finding solace in meditative trances and spiritual tones. There is something incredibly fulfilling about the album as it tip-toes about the listener’s ears.

mum - Smilewound

By Srivas Beriault

Smilewound is a layer cake. Contrast and unity is a key theme, but subtly so, all laid within sugary linings. Alternately slow and fast, each track peels into the next. Bite in anywhere and you will catch flavors of the whole.

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