Dylan Dunlap - Another Fragrance EP

By Alex Southey

Dylan Dunlap, an 18 year old musician from Los Angeles, releases his second, extremely cleanly produced EP, Another Fragrance. Self-described as a folk artist, the EP immediately grips you with Dunlap's velvety smooth vocals, making his young age even harder to believe.

Michael Cullen - True Believer

By Morgan Berna

Michael Cullen’s latest, True Believer, is a poetic album that combines singing, performance style poetry, and instrumentation. The album speaks in depth to Cullen’s, mostly negative, experiences with love and romance and the heartbreak that comes from failed relationships.

ODESZA - In Return

By Graham White

It is rare to find an electronic album as exceptional as ODESZA’s latest release, In Return. Surprisingly smooth and spectacular, the album encompasses the listener’s ears, filling them with purifying tones that are hopelessly addicting.

Xombie - Capital X

By Lane Levesque

Each time I listened to this album over again I got the screaming urge from within to do something epic. That’s what this music did to me, and that’s what it will do to you regardless of your taste.

Michael Leonard Witham - A Scandal in The Violets

By Graham White

A Scandal in The Violets, the debut album from folk rock artist Michael Leonard Witham, has all the sentiment of a warm southern night wrapped in slide guitar and a growling vocal tone that lies somewhere between Bright Eyes and Janis Joplin.

Alt-J - This Is All Yours

By Brendan Tuytel

There’s always been this notion of intelligent music that requires some sort of higher level of consciousness to appreciate. One listen to Alt-J’s sophomore follow up to the Mercury Prize nominated An Awesome Wave, and it’s clear that such a notion is something the British band strives toward.

Radio Drive - A Taste of Heaven EP

By Rowan Greger

Radio Drive is bringing popular sound to us in a brand new way. The one man music-machine behind Radio Drive, Kevin Gullickson, puts a little of himself into each song. His songs are with the times and fit well into the rock-pop music scene.

coriaplex - one way to forever

By Graham White

UK based producer and multi-instrumentalist Jules Bands, of coriaplex, uses a blend of sampled sounds and real instruments to create albums that draw the listener's mind into the magnificence of space. one way to forever, coriaplex's second release, is best summed as a visceral journey in zero gravity - emotionally charged and remorseful.

Phox - S/T

By Brendan Tuytel

What is the modern orchestra? With large bands becoming a trend, replacing the classical strings for electric guitars, modernizing the styles of past, this notion of a modern orchestra comes to life. If this is the case, Phox may just be the oxygen in the bloodstream.

Ramona Lisa - Arcadia

By Joe Gibson

The title has a cryptic, ancient, appeal. Arcadia is the name of a pastoral utopia in ancient Greece. It is also the name of a Duran Duran side project. Both of these references fit well with Ramona Lisa's (aka Caroline Polachek's) first solo release.

Perfect Pussy - Say Yes to Love

By Brendan Tuytel

The best way to describe Perfect Pussy would be to say that pop and punk got together and forgot to take a morning after pill. As a result, Say Yes to Love creates a dichotomy of emotions. It is self-loathing, unforgiving, brutal, yet speaks deeply and intimately to the human experience. Some listeners may find the album harsh or too difficult to handle, Brendan disagrees.

Gramatik - The Age of Reason

By Morgan Berna

The free release January 25 of The Age of Reason has us feeling all kinds of happy. Moving beyond a primarily hip-hop sound, The Age of Reason integrates sounds from a wide variety of genres keeping our ears interested all album long. We've got the review for you, and a link to your free download.

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