Vancouver, BC

Before their show at the Biltmore Cabaret last week we sat down and talked to LOVECoast about music school, plans for an upcoming EP, their placement in the top 10 for the CBC Searchlight competition, and more! If you're looking for a band to listen to that has soul and a whole lot of talent, this is the group for you.




G: How did you all get started musically?

Danielle: We all went to music school. Andrew, Jesse and I all went to Vancouver Island University and that’s where we met. Scott went to Berkley for his degree. Scott and I grew up together in Squamish, though, and have known each other since elementary school. He and I started playing as a duo, and then we brought Jesse and Andrew in because they’re amazing players.

G: Tell us a bit about your creative process.

Andrew: We all come up with stuff randomly, during whatever we are doing. Personally, anything can inspire me to write music. I'll just randomly hear a melody in my head and go with it. Then we bring our ideas to the group and collaborate as artists, working together to write the tunes.

G: Who writes the lyrics?


Danielle: I write the lyrics with their help, and jokes, along the way. There is a lock of mockery while I am writing (laughs). But, we do blend ideas together.

Scott: Something I like about our creative process is that if I bring a tune and I think it’s done it will never be the same once these guys come up with their own additions. We all trust each other when we bring in an idea and let the others change it.

G: LOVECoast has a short EP out, are there plans for an album in the works?

Danielle: We actually just confirmed a producer, so in the fall, probably October, we will have an EP out. We’ll be making it at Monarch Studios with Tom from The Zolas. To raise funds we are going to start an Indiegogo campaign and try to get some support that way.

G: What is your promotions process?

Danielle: I did the Arts and Entertainment program at Capilano University and I actually work with Nettwerk Music Group now, so I work in the industry now which helps a lot because I have connections and can go to coworkers to network and ask how they would promote things as well. Essentially though, everything I learned through the program I am taking and applying to the band.

G: You were in the CBC Searchlight and placed in the top 10 for Vancouver, what was that process like?

Jesse: We basically just promoted the crap out of it, through friends and family and stuff like that. Andrew got his mom’s school voting for us. We got pretty far along, to the top 10 in Vancouver.

Danielle: It gave us an insane amount of exposure and connections. It was a cool contest.

G: For performing, do you prefer large or small venues? And what makes a good audience for you?

Andrew: It’s really tough to gauge because time of day makes a difference, and how the crowd is feeling. You can either have a really excited drunk crowd, or a bunch of people outside in the cold who aren’t in the best mood and you’ll have to really bring your A game to impress them. So it’s all really circumstantial. It varies venue to venue, town to town. As a band, and an individual musician, you need to then learn how to cater to individual crowds.

G: What was your very first performance like?

Danielle: Our first real gig was the Portside Pub in Vancouver, but it really wasn’t the same until we had the full band. It was fun, we are really lucky to be from a small community where our friends and family support us through anything and will take the long drive to Vancouver to come to our shows. At our first show in Vancouver we opened for a band called Left Coast, it was really ridiculous.

G: What was your first show once the four of you got together?

Jesse: Copper Owl was our first gig together. We all brought our games together individually instead of as a group so it was a bit messy. We all had these ideas of how deadly the group should be, and how it should sound, and it didn’t really sit the way it should have. We had to have a bit of a pow-wow after and talk it out. Then the next night we just murdered it, it smelt bad in there.

Danielle: That’s a good thing! (laughs)

G: Is there anything an audience can do that’s distracting?

Danielle: Talk through the entire thing! It’s okay for us because we are really loud, but for quieter bands it can be hard to focus on the music.

Andrew: Or when people stand right in the front row and don’t dance, they just stare at you. It can be intimidating, but nothing really throws us off too much.

Scott: Something that really stresses me out is when people put their beer next to my gear, on the stage, it distracts me a lot.

G: What are your goals for the next year?

Danielle: EP, play a lot. Get some more contacts to play with. We are really big on collaboration and comradery between bands, not necessarily playing songs with them, but playing shows together. Making friends, and bringing good energy and attitude to the shows.

G: How do you find the Vancouver, or more broadly the Canadian, music scene is to break into?

Andrew: I really like where the scene is going right now. I remember being in high-school and being a musician, but not fully understanding the music scene, and really not being into the pop music that was being put out. But, I think it is slowly changing, and slowly moving back to being the more organic side of music where people are playing real instruments and people are actually working hard to master their craft being that you may be a guitar played or drummer. I love that it is going back to that style. It’s slowly, becoming more about bands again, and less about product.

Danielle: The Vancouver scene specifically is crazy because there are just so many bands. So it’s difficult, but such a great city because there is so much music and so many venues. As far a breaking into the scene, just play a lot and have a killer show and just be really good. Practice!

G: Who would be your dream artist to tour with?

Danielle: Snarky Puppy!

Andrew: The Roots!

G: Last question, do you have any advice for new bands, or current music students?

Andrew: Gig as much as you can, just play as much as you can. Don’t have an ego, and just work on it and kill it.