Paperboy and the Messengers

Vernon, BC

After having posted our review of a live Paperboy show ( we're proud to present our exclusive interview with the band. Get the details on their plans for the year, the best show they've ever played, and the upcoming album they haven't told anyone else about!




G: How did Paperboy and the Messengers form?

PB: Paperboy was formed by Luke and Cam in 2010 as an outlet for the songs that didn’t seem to work with their other band, Poor Little Rich Girl. The focus from day one was on creating a live show that was memorable, and providing a fresh take on an old genre.

G: Describe your sound to someone whose never heard you.

PB: Imagine for a moment that Bo Diddley and Otis Redding are going on a road trip to Chicago, James Brown is bouncin' around in the back seat and Aretha Franklin is threatening to turn the whole car around if they don't settle down.

G: Any plans for an upcoming album?

PB: Actually yes… Though we haven’t really told anyone yet! We toured an AMAZING studio in Kelowna and have booked time for early 2015. We’re going to be taking a break from shows for the majority of the fall to write something worthy of such a world-class facility.

G: What inspires your music?

PB: Anything and everything. Seventies hard rock like Deep Purple and Black Sabbath, delta blues, R & B and soul and of course the hardest working man in show business, James Brown!

G: Where do you see Paperboy in one year?

PB: Hopefully doing what we love to do, only bigger and better. Also we’d love to get across Canada next year.

G: What is one thing you’d like to improve upon as a band?

PB: We’d really like to work on some live choreography, as well as improving our online presence.

G: What’s the best show you’ve ever played?

PB: The best show we’ve played so far this year was at Spukani Music Festival in Vernon. It was just a really fun, low pressure, entertaining all-ages show. It’s really refreshing to perform for a captive audience who actively engage with you and have appreciation for your craft.

G: What’s something you love, and something you dislike, about the music scene in the Okanagan?

PB: The lack of all-ages venues is hugely detrimental to fostering new music. That being said, one of the best things about the Okanagan is how many great bands there are. We are truly spoiled.

G: Any local musicians you’d like to give a shout-out to?

PB: Too many… Amistad, Bear Meets World, My Kind of Karma, JoyfulDoor, Dragstrip Devils…

G: Thank you for talking with us! We're looking forward to the album.