Vancouver, BC

Vancouver rock 'n roll band, STRIP (TC- Vocals, Butterfly Mason-Lead Guitar, Dougy Nes-Bass, Karson Wolf-Drums), puts on an intense, energetic live show that is not one you want to miss. We talked to them about their influences, what makes a great rock show, and upcoming tour plans.




G: How did STRIP get started?

S: Strip was the genesis of musicians meeting each other at the right time in the right city. I (TC) met Doug outside the Roxy while I was playing harmonica .  You could say that was the nucleus of how the idea formed. Mason found us, or should I say we found him writing his own stuff in his studio. After some changes and time playing Karson hopped on board on drums. We all had the same idea for a band who sounded different, looked different and you just didn’t see anymore.

G: What are your musical influences?

S: We all seem to have our own two cents and there’s no genre or artist really off limits. Mason and Dougy seem to have more along the same vein of taste, a lot of hard rock, bluesy heavy in your face sounds. Karson and I are a bit of musical loners, whatever sounds good, probably is.

G: Describe your sound, and what a STRIP show is like for those who have never seen you live.

S: Everyone who has heard us either has a really easy or oddly difficult time pegging it in a few words. The closest we’ve heard is “Loud, meaningful with a touch of spit.” We’d probably say something close to that. As far as our live show we want just that, a show. NO one puts on a show worth the money people pay like they used to or should. Our goal from the start has been to create suspended animation for an hour at a time and really make it worth every penny. We want bring the rock show back.

G: Do you have plans for an upcoming album, or tour?

S: We’ve got a single that’s dropping on Sept. 6th (cheap plug!) called Struttin’ that we recorded this summer. More songs may or not be being recorded as we speak! Once the single hits everyone's ears we’ll be touring around in support – should be fun.

G: What do you want the audience to get out of your music?

S: The audience can take whatever the blue hell they want from it, as long as they feel, hear, or see something that gives a raw emotion. Individualistic and edgy hard rock that speaks to people has been lacking and we’re hear to fill that void!

G: Do have a story of a best show you've ever played, or a funny audience story?

S: We’ve had some funny moments at every show. Concussions from low ceilings, bikers who didn’t appreciate our affinity for eye-liner, bass rigs catching on fire. The full gambit. For shows, if we don’t feel like our last show was our best we didn’t deliver.

G: What drew you to the rock n' roll genre? And, what do you feel is needed to perform a great rock show?

S: (Mason) I found rock 'n roll and it made me take note and listen to the music. The way the music sounded connected with me. (Karson) There's something in classic rock that made me connect to it, something real. To put on a real show you need to love it. Like anything, if you don’t feel it, they (the audience) won’t feel it.

G: Where do you see STRIP in one year?

S: Honestly, to continue bringing our tunes and live show to as many people as possible by any means necessary.

G: What has the reception been like for your EP, and your sound in the Vancouver area?

S: We've changed so much since the EP. We feel like we were in our musical infancy as a band back then and it doesn’t hold a candle to us today. Vancouver has been amazing to us and we’ve gotten a very warm reception from rock n’ roll fans starving for a band to relate to.

G: What is your favourite spot to hang-out in Vancouver?

S: (Mason) Hard Rock(Karson) Commercial drive, wherever you can find sweet clothes and cool records. (TC) The woods.

G: What are 5 things STRIP can't live without?

S: Only 5!? To prevent us getting into any trouble we’re going to abstain.

G: Any last words?

S: We just want to thank everyone who has supported us in the scene and the other cool bands we’ve shared stages with.