The Wild Romantics

Vancouver, British Columbia

Having met at a high-school alumni event, Aleisha Kalina and Evan Miller couldn't deny the on-stage chemistry, and The Wild Romantics were formed. Since that day they've shared the stage with great Canadian bands, recorded an EP, and have been accepted into this year's Peak Performance Project.



G: How did The Wild Romantics get started?

WR: We met by chance, at the high school we both used to attend, while performing at an alumni event. We immediately started sharing our own songs with one another, something that neither of us had ever done with anyone else.  From there, the on-stage and everyday chemistry couldn’t be denied so we moved forward as The Wild Romantics.

G: Who are your main musical influences?

WR: We really started bonding over a mutual love for The Civil Wars. The intimacy and passion that their music evokes was a huge influence when we first started playing music together. Lately we’ve been really into bands that cause more a bit more ruckus like Shovels and Rope, Dawes and Jack White. The image filled lyrics combined with that alt-country sound really gets us goin’.

G: How would you describe your sound? Where do you see it evolving to from here?

WR: This is always the hardest question. Generally we just say alternative folk and that satisfies most of the criteria we want to fit in. As for where our sound is going, we are just taking it all in one day at a time. It’s exciting to watch the sound grow and get bigger while still honouring our sparse roots.

G: Lets talk about PEAK (congratulations!). What is your strategy going into competition?

WR: Thank you! Honestly, we are just going to work our damn hardest all while taking in and learning as much as possible.

G: What are some things you'd like to improve on through this experience?

WR: We would love to have a firmer handle on the business aspect of it all. We think it is very important to be well rounded in this industry.

G: What are you looking forward to the most about this competition?

WR: Meeting all the other bands and professionals in their field, is a real highlight. No matter what happens in the end, you can't take away the connections and everything you've learned from each other.

G: How do you feel about the local music scene in Vancouver? BC?

WR: We just moved here from Vancouver Island, actually! So far the music scene seems like it is thriving! There are a ton of cool bands here, and having the chance to not only see more of them but also have more opportunities to play more is very exciting.

G: What is the message you want audiences to get from your music?

WR: To be honest, I'm not sure either one of us has focused very hard on coming up with a single thing that people should be taking away - mainly because it's so subjective to each person and their stories. Often the song writing and building is very cathartic, and needed for each one of us to move forward in some way. We just hope people take away exactly what they need when they listen to our music.

G: What can people expect to see from you at a live show?

WR: We're all about just givin' er in any way possible. Always. We both grew up doing a lot of theatre performing so we really have a no holds bar attitude when it comes to playing live. We always try and bring what the moment needs whether that means an intimate song with only one guitar or something to get people really movin'.

G: What is the biggest challenged you’ve faced so far as a group?

WR: Mostly just finding other people who share similar mentalities and attitudes towards actually playing music, the business, etc. Lots of people can play music, but to find people you can actually get excited about playing music can be difficult sometimes. It's always nice to connect with the people you are playing with on more than just a musical level.

G: What has been your best experience in the industry so far?

WR: Having your hard work and being in the right place at the right time is always a great feeling. For instance, we played a house show with The Lion The Bear The Fox back in October and that is how we met and began working with Cory Woodward on our debut Ep. It's been an absolute pleasure working with him so far. Lately we've just had such great luck with meeting fantastic people.

G: Best of luck!