Mike Edel

Victoria, BC

From Victoria, British Columbia Mike Edel creates indie/folk music that is full of whimsical lyrics, beautiful guitar melodies, and simplicity in all the right places. His upbeat, catchy style will get your foot tapping right away. His most recent LP is his sophomore release India, Seattle - which featured the radio spun single Blue Above the Green

Edel has played hundreds of shows across the United States and Canada, with performances at the Victoria International Jazz Fest, Rifflandia Festival, and Tall Tree Festival. Now, a contestant in this year's Peak Performance Project, Edel is competing against 11 other bands to win $102,700. 

Website: www.mikeedel.com

Twitter: @MikeEdelMusic

Facebook: www.facebook.com/thelastofourmountains

G: Tell us a bit about creating India, Seattle

     Is there a story behind the name?

ME: Naming things is generally hard. This album kind of named itself and I actually really was trying to change the name of it for a couple months before I had to officially name it India, Seattle. It’s a personal reference for me, about a specific person, but also the name reflects two polarizing and very distant places.

    How was the creative process for you?

ME: India, Seattle is very much a record I made for myself, both writing and recording.

    Did the album turn out how you expected?  

ME: When you make anything, you have a vision, but until you actually make it you don’t know what it is exactly. Imagination never equals reality. There are some great parts of this record, and very true parts, but eventually you will always get to a place where you want to make a new record I think.

    Favourite track?

ME: The Closer.

G: How was the reception of this album? Did you find you had good feedback from audiences/fans? 

ME: I’m in Arizona right now and it seems like it will be really fun to release the record down here. Lots of people were very stoked on it. My two night album release shows at The Roxy Theatre in Victoria was a highlight of releasing the album for sure, as well as a review in exclaim that Craig Shutko wrote.

G: What was the best lesson you learned at the PPP bootcamp?

ME: That good food and a nice bed to sleep in are some of my favourite things.

G: How was your PPP showcase? Are you feeling like you’re leaving this experience (winning or not) with more opportunities?

ME: My favourite thing was that we went into the crowd and played an acoustic song East Shore, West Shore and quieted a noisy bar.  

G: You always have incredible art on your work, did you have a passion for this growing up? 

ME: I just kind of like details, and really like nice things… I guess I have an aesthetic that I care about. I like nice shoes, and nice jeans and I don’t have that many things in life, so with the things I do make – like this record and the art that reflects it – I really care about the details, and this album has some weight to it.

G: What is your plan for the next couple years with your music?

ME: My first plan is to escape 2015 alive, with all the shows I’ve been playing. We are doing about 15-17 shows in the US right now and I just finished doing 15-20 in Western Canada in September. My plan is to take a couple months off of touring to write after releasing India, Seattle this year. I plan to do some yoga, eat food, sleep and hang out with my girlfriend in Seattle. And also work on some super fun stuff – like releasing the album in Germany and a couple special shows in Victoria and Vancouver.

G: Sounds like a perfect plan. Best of luck in the PPP, and thank you for chatting with us!