Alexandria Maillot

Vancouver, BC

Born and raised on Vancouver Island, Alexandria Maillot will be releasing TIME, the follow-up to her debut EP Just Another Girl, on June 10. TIME is noted to be, "an apt illustration of her personal evolution, the sonic entity born from undiluted chaos." Maillot's music has notes of country, jazz and soul and explores topics of love, substance addiction, and more. 

Geyser talked with Maillot about the making of TIME, her favourite song off the album, her upcoming tour, substance addiction, and much more.



Twitter: @alexandriasing

Alexandria's Current Playlist

Dirty Projectors - Cannibal Resource

Aidan Knight - All Clear

Kirsten Ludwig - Cinnamon

Thunderbitch - Leather Jacket

Beyonce - Don't Hurt Yourself

Wildbelle - Giving Up On You

Perfume Genius - Queen

G: Your music seems to have this interesting and unique hybrid of country/jazz/soul influences, did you lean toward these styles growing up? If so, why?

AM: Yes! Growing up my Dad listened to a lot of country, and my mom listened to a lot of soul. Stamepeders, Etta James, Ella Fitzgerald were rotating on the CD player.

G: How much time (no pun intended) went into making TIME? Did the songs come fairly naturally, or were there some you struggled with?

AM: TIME took roughly two years to cultivate. There were songs that took 30 minutes to conceptualize, and others that I didn't finish until we were in the studio recording. Time (On Your Own) was the first song I wrote for the album, however songs like Lonely Soul , Did You Want to Tell Me Something? and Never Stop have been in my back pocket for a handful of years, waiting for a home to live in. 

G: Do you have a favourite song off TIME? Or a story you'd like to share?

AM: Sans, for me, is a favourite track. I wrote it when I was on a cross-Canada tour and feeling insecure about not being having any inspiration for writing. I was feeling depressed about a lot of things in my life at that point... I think that when I let myself break down, there is some fuel that can be found. 

G: What can people expect from your tour shows?

AM: They can expect that every show will be different from the next. I am not interested in a spectacle and gimmicks do not inspire me; the most fulfillment I get is when an experience is authentic and without pre-conceived notions. So, our intent for each show changes, and thus the mood and flow.  

G: What is it like working with Madic Records?

AM: I was able to support a good friend, Kirsten Ludwig, on parts of her cross-Canada tour with Madic for her recent release, Honest Tracks. The mission statement of Madic is one that is very admirable: create a platform for fans to bring their favourite artists directly into their home and engage in a safe, intimate setting. I would love to work with them more in the future; house shows are my favourite way of playing.