Puttin' On The Foil


Calgary, AB

Puttin' on the FoiL is a band we stumbled across at a Kelowna bar, and was that cover charge ever worth it. Known for their hilarious Sing-Along Drinking Songs and uproarious stage antics, if you are looking for a good time these "hillbilly punks" are the boys to see.

We talked to lead vocalist Kevin Rowland, AKA Trayne Rekk, about crazy stage stories, upcoming albums and tours, beer (of course) and more.

Website: www.puttinonthefoil.ca

Facebook: www.facebook.com/puttinonthefoil

Twitter: @potfkicksass

POTF's Current Playlist

The Four Horsemen - Nobody Said It Was Easy

Bill Burr - comedy CDs

Lynyrd Skynyrd - (pronounced 'Lĕh-'nérd 'Skin-'nérd) (album)

Jackyl - S/T (album)

Katy Perry - Hot N Cold

Bob Wayne - all albums

Mojo Nixon - Beer Ain't Drinkin'

Savage Henry - Get Off Easy (album)

Eric Church - Chief (album)

Redd Foxx - comedy CDs

Johnny 2 Fingers - McMillan's Monster (album)

G: How did the band come together and get started? Did you initially plan to be a "party band" or did that develop more naturally?

TR: I had the band going about seven years ago... it wasn't working. I met TimTim, our guitar player, at a jam I was hosting. I met Jordan, our drummer, on Kijiji... he called me. I asked him if he was an idiot — he answered yes. I said, "You're in!!!" I write the songs and I don't know much about love or saving the whales or sheep. But I do know how to have a good time and party and never really have any hardships. It's always been about the party. I'll never grow up.

G: What's the craziest thing that has happened at one of your shows?

TR: I don't know what's really crazy. There've been lots of boobs and wieners thrown out at shows. I've had people on stage showing their stuff and shotgunning beers for t-shirts... not crazy, more dirty fun. I had a whiz off the side of the stage while still playing at an outdoor festival... not crazy, but a little whacky, I suppose. There have been lots of crazy and disturbing things before and after shows, I know that!

G: What song of yours gets the best audience reception? Which one do you like playing the best?

TR: Drunk and Horny and The Fishin' Song. Oh, and Drunk and Stupid. People love The Rodeo Song. I love playing all of our tunes. I never get sick of them. I'm proud of them. We get people singing along with us on them. Feels great!!!

G: What is your favourite thing to see in the audience while you're playing?

TR: People singing along with every word on a tune I wrote. Nothing better. I'll even get in shit from the audience for screwing up the words!

G: What's the band's favourite beer?

TR: We love all beer.

G: Can we expect a new album anytime soon? Or a tour?

TR: We're hoping to have a new album by June or July. We're touring Ontario in May. We play every weekend somewhere, and some weekdays. We're hoping to tour BC again in August or September.

G: What are five things the band can't live without?

TR: Beer, beef jerky, music, the people, and our creeper van.

G: Do you guys have a favourite place to hang out and brainstorm new song ideas?

TR: Our jam space outside of Okotoks, and I have my thinking pillow in my room. Most of my lyrics come at night and early morning when no one is around.

G: Thanks for chatting with us! Party on!