David Vertesi

Vancouver, BC

After returning from touring, we caught up with David Vertesi at The Anza Club in Vancouver, BC (Read our show review here). We talked to David about Cardiography, what he wants his fans to get out of his music, advice he'd give to new musicians looking to tour, and more!

Website: www.davidvertesi.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/davidvertesi

Twitter: www.twitter.com/dvertesi

G: How was creating Cardiography different from working with Hey Ocean! (creative process, inspiration behind songs, stress)? Was there a feeling of pressure because of your previous success?

DV: If anything, Cardiography was a freeing experience. It was an opportunity to be my own boss creatively. Hey Ocean! is a collaboration and as such every little piece can often be under scrutiny.  For my own music I vowed to have things a bit more free flowing and true to the moment. 

G: What do you want your fans to get out of your music?

DV: I really try to explore themes, concepts and stories that are meaningful to my life and hope that they resonate with listeners. Cardiography is a particularly volatile record for me which is focused on the various faces of heartbreak. I suppose I'd hope that it could be as cathartic to listen to as it was to make.

G: Is there a favourite memory from your recent tour you’d like to share?

DV: We played a great show in Saskatoon this time around. We were playing at the Woods Alehouse and we were worried that we'd be too loud for the room. The promoter even admitted that he hadn't realized that we were a full band. There were some tables right in front of the stage and a few groups had been sitting there since we'd arrived. We tried to wait for them to leave assuming they didn't want some band they didn't know to blow their faces off, but we finally had to go on. It turned out that all those people were actually there to see us and everyone else really loved it. The bar staff said it was one of their favourite shows they'd ever had.  

G: What is one piece of advice you’d give to new musicians considering touring for the first time?

DV: We listen to a lot of music on the road, but comedy is the secret weapon for passing the time on long drives. I suggest anything by Louis C.K. or Jim Gaffigan.

G: As it is such an important dynamic to get right, how do you select who you want to tour with, and who will play as openers at a show?

DV: It usually comes down to people you know. more often than not we're touring with band we're buddies with whether we're opening for them or they are opening for us. Otherwise I try to play with artists that I really dig so I can get pumped up for my own show by watching them play first. 

G: What is your favourite thing about the Vancouver music scene? Or, the Canadian scene as a whole? Is there something that could be improved upon?

DV: I think the western Canadian music scene is awesome. It's been really cool to watch it grow over the last 10 years. I find everyone very collaborative and supportive of each other even though we're all on different paths it helps to know that there's a community there to be a part of. 

G: What makes a great audience for you?

DV: People who want to listen. Could be 10 people or 10,000. When the audience is listening it's the best. I'd way rather play an intimate show where everyone gives a shit than play to a huge crowd where nobody cares.

G: Thanks for chatting with us!