Maurice Moore

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Ottawa, Ontario

 Maurice Moore, hailing from Ottawa, Ontario, has moulded his sound and crafted an alluring compilation of music that boasts his originality. The organic steps he follows in his production process is evident with just one listen to any of his hits. His knack for composing a strategic, unwavering flow has made him a reliable “one-to watch”. This young R&B musician is a triple threat, in terms of his sleek and tender singing ability, his reflective lyrics, and his impressive producing abilities. He is more than capable of blowing up in the upcoming year, which is nothing short of what he has planned. Geyser had the pleasure of getting acquainted with Maurice, himself, and we’re thrilled to follow him through his upcoming journeys.




Twitter: @mauricexiii

Instagram: maurice_xiii

Geyser: I know you're from Ottawa, but what city do you spend most of your time in? 

Maurice Moore: Lately I've spent a lot of time in Los Angeles, but I bounce from Ottawa to Toronto all the time. It really depends on the time of year, but right now I'm back home in Ottawa working day and night on this mixtape! 

G: So, I've heard you have a home studio. You produced your most recent, Play- which I’ve been playing on repeat. Who’s a producer that you look up to? Also, can you speak a bit on producing, or deciding when to or when not to produce your own song/when to give it up to someone else to produce?

MM: My favourite producers of all time are the Underdogs - they've mastered the art of creating timeless music and every song is executed in a way that feels so simple and easy to understand. From a production standpoint I always catch myself like, HOW THE F%$K DID THEY DO THAT !??!?! I think music is as simple as expression. Sometimes I know just what the song needs and I'll produce the whole thing. Other times I get inspired by the other talented producers I work with, and they know just the right way to compliment what I'm trying to express musically. Collaboration is by far the most inspiring process for me, so I love to work with my friends on the production side and utilize all of our talents. Really it's a case by case basis and it just depends on the workflow of that particular song. Play for example, was almost fully completed in one night by myself, it all just hit me at once - then I sent the song to BNJMN and he laced some cool leads on there that I might not have thought of, so it really just depends on the song.

G: You write your own music, but do you write for anyone else, as well? If so, care to drop any names? 

MM: My song Lol was pulled as a sample for Chris Brown's single Liquor off of his Royalty album, I have a few records on the forthcoming comeback album from Immature, and I am working on records for Trey Songz and Omarion right now.

G: In what ways, if any, do you step out of your comfort zone when you create new music?

MM: I think this question is brilliant because in all honesty, every aspect behind my music has always been me; from the production to the writing, mixing, performing. Everything about my art has always been about being comfortable in the uncomfortable. If I'm incapable of doing something or I don't know how to do something technical, I'll find a way. With every song, I face those challenges with open arms; be it new techniques, new plugins, new sounds, new vocal riffs and harmonies, etc. I always push myself to go where I haven't yet.

G: What pulls you, or pushes you, to get creative in your song-writing process?

MM: I am so drawn to film as an art form especially because it does such a good job at making us get really involved emotionally and lost in the experience. Film inspires a lot of my music and my creative process. I'll go to the Theatre sometimes 3-4 times a week to watch all the new movies for inspiration. I also draw a lot of inspiration from real life experiences in my life, as well as people I know. I get inspired by tapping into the most intricate flaws and details in my persona, I feel like being that open and vulnerable in my music allows me to connect to people in ways that are really special. I have this goal when I'm writing to always make it feel as human as possible, everything you hear is authentic. If I wouldn't say it in real life, it's probably not in my music. 

G: I love the song you wrote, Typhoon. Have you heard anything from the Oakland, California R&B singer, Kehlani who you wrote it for? Would you ever see yourself doing a duet with her in the future? 

MM: Thank you! When that song came out, it unexpectedly changed my life in more ways than one. The way the universe had it, we ended up bumping into each other in a studio in LA. By that time, she had heard the song and really messed with it. Since then Kehlani and I have become great friends and I have joined her TSNMI Mob collective. You can expect a duet hopefully very soon.

G: What is a key motivator when it comes to reaching your goals? Where you do see yourself in 3 years?

MM: I come from a football background so I’m naturally a very competitive individual. My competitive spirit is really the driving force behind all of the things I do. That's especially apparent in my approach for my music - I have this burning passion/desire and need to be the best, I want to inspire the world through my art and the things I stand for. In three years I know I'll be selling out a world tour, have inspired thousands of people to do what they love, spread my message of peace, love and positivity, and I’ll be recognized globally as one of the top artists in music. In 10 years, I want my name mentioned along with the greatest of all time - I'm talking Michael Jackson, Elvis, The Beatles, and so on. I realize that's a bold statement, but I'm prepared to do absolutely whatever it takes to make my vision a reality and I know I have the right team around me to help me do so.

G: I read somewhere that a goal you've set is to have a tour this year. Were you thinking a Canadian tour? An American one? Maybe a mix?

MM: There’s been some ideas thrown around with booking agents about an American tour and doing a few stops in Europe. Ideally with how conversations have gone, once my project is released at the end of the 3rd quarter/start of the 4th quarter, we’d like to accompany a major artist on tour. The catalogue of songs I have released can already stand on it’s own in terms of a 45-60 minute show. But that new project will really create a lot of great buzz opportunities when we look to make this a reality in the very near future.

G: Can we expect any live performances coming up in the near future, before you may announce any possible tour dates? 

MM: We’re taking it slow in 2016 with live performances. I had over 25 shows in 2015, which was phenomenal in terms of building that live show aesthetic and getting the kinks out with the performance and my amazing band (Rae Smith, Darius Martin, Trey Meikle, Daniel Desir, Nicholas Guilen and Junior Joseph). Now that we have that on lock, we’re really being patient with festivals and shows because we want the next live show to be something very special.

G: Name your top 5 Canadian artists for us to look out for this year.

MM: In no particular order: BNJMN , Tory Lanez, August Rigo, Kiki Ireland, and Jeff Sanon!

 G: Thanks for talking with us!