My Side of the Mountain

Kelowna, BC

This week we interviewed Kelowna band, My Side of the Mountain. This post-rock group met in college and has been playing around the Okanagan ever since.  We ask them about their individual musical histories, influences, favourite hangout spots in Kelowna, and more.


G: Where is the band from?

M: Kelowna, BC.

G: How did you all get started musically?

M: (Sean) I became interested in playing music in junior high when I started listening to bands like Alexisonfire and some older Atreyu. I was very intrigued by music like that. I always liked the bass guitar more than any instrument, mainly because of my dads obsession with bands like The Who, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Jimi Hendrix. I loved the groovy bass that they would use. In grade 10 a close friend taught me a few guitar chords. We both went into a music theory class in grade 11 and slowly I became comfortable playing amateur guitar. Our drummer, Addison, and I had always known each other but didn't start playing music until he invited me to a metal core jam with his buds. I joined the group and we created a band called Strength in Numbers. Eventually I invited Reid to a jam. He was far more experienced and fluent in music than I was. Eventually our group became a threesome of just me, Addison and Reid, and I'd say some of their experience and skill rubbed off.

(Connor) Music was an interest of mine since I was around the age of 2. I had an obsession with wanting to play piano at that age so my parents put me in lessons by the time I was 4. I continued to take lessons and play piano while also picking up guitar, bass and drums throughout middle school. Eventually I decided I wanted to understand music better so I stopped taking piano lessons and started taking musical theory lessons and focusing on guitar. I had played with multiple bands through middle school but none of those seemed to work out at all until I joined My Side of the Mountain.

(Reid) I was always into music, but never anything serious until 7th grade when I saw some friends playing guitar and decided I wanted to play as well. I bought my first guitar and played it every day for years. Seriously, I played that thing non-stop. I joined a band in ninth grade that eventually failed before I put it down for a while. I started practicing again in the 11th grade, and then from there things just started to move forward. I jammed with a few other bands but none of them were really what I was into until I met up with Strength in Numbers, and from there everything sort of began.

We all met through the Audio Engineering and Music Production class of Okanagan College.

G: Who are your musical influences?

M: Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pink Floyd, Tool, Arcade Fire, Explosions in the Sky, Porcupine Tree, and more.

(Connor) I find I’m incredibly inspired, in terms of song writing, by Arcade Fire and We Are the City who are both Canadian.

G: What is the best experience or performance you’ve had as a band?

M: Playing the Okanagan College Show put on by the Audio Engineering class of 2014.

G: Where do you guys like to hangout in Kelowna?

M: We like the beaches of west Kelowna and local record shops.

G: If you could meet and interview any Canadian musician, alive or dead, who would it be?

M: (Connor) Win Butler of Arcade Fire. He is immensely interesting and probably the best song writer I’ve ever heard.

G: Do you have a band you’d like to give a shout-out to?

M: Shout out to Perspective Shakey Deal, Naked Ghosts, The Carbonis, and Gorax.

G: Thanks guys, we're looking forward to an album. In the meantime, if anyone wants to give these guys a listen check out the link below.