Pokey LaFarge

We interviewed Pokey LaFarge leading up to his performance at the 2015 Vancouver Folk Festival. LaFarge just released Something In The Water, an incredible album with a modern twist on classic folk.

Website: www.pokeylafarge.net

Facebook: www.facebook.com/PokeyLaFarge

Twitter: @PokeyLaFarge

G: What stood out to you about the Vancouver Folk Festival the last time you performed at it, and what are you looking forward to this time around? 

P: Bahamas.

G: Do you have a favourite spot to visit when you’re in Vancouver?

P: Haven't spent that much time there other than the festival, the Rio Theatre, and dark bars I don't remember. I look forward to having more experiences there.

G: You've said that Something In The Water was the first time you were able to fully express yourself, and make the music for yourself. How did you accomplish that? 

P: I think this album for the first time I was able to be myself because Jimmy and I dug deeper. We took our time and made it an experience not a documentation. It was the first time in a long time I made my own project without my band being involved heavily in the whole album process.

G: Emotions or meanings aside, which song is your favourite on the album?

P: Goodbye, Barcelona or When Did You Leave Heaven.

G: How did you approach Something In The Water in order to make it something you truly enjoyed yourself, and not something you felt pressured to create?

P: Turn off the phone and just 'be there' in the now.

G: Geyser Music works hard to support the local musicians in our communities, and we typically ask Canadians what they think could be done to help improve support of these local musicians. In the United States, do you find local musicians are supported? Could there be improvements?

P: There most definitely are programs to help musicians. However, In the states there is a lot more competition in the music business. There are just a lot more musicians. I'm not sure there are enough to support all of them and I'm not sure there should be. 

G: What are a few things you and the band couldn’t survive without while on tour?

P: Notebooks, books, MLB At-Bat, Beer, cigarettes, watermelon, and kale.

G: Thank you for talking with us. Enjoy your time in Vancouver!