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If you were a teen in the late 90s, "Strange Disease" was your jam, and "Sucks to be You" was part of your youth years soundtrack. It played in the background of all your spin-the-bottle slumber party memories. I recently had the nostalgic-fuelled pleasure of interviewing Prozzäk on their cross Canada tour and album release titled “Forever 1999."


G: How’s the Tour?

P: So much fun! We’re super lucky to be able to get up on stage and run around while singing these old songs. And new ones! It’s a total blast.

G: What made you want to reunite?

P: There was an article done in Vice magazine about us and crazy and crazy bands that happened in the late 90s, and from there, there was a promoter from the Atomic Lollipop Festival, and we were super tentative about it, especially me because I was living in LA and was like “does anyone care about this anymore?”  We came up to the science centre to do that show and there were like 4000 cosplaying Prozzäk fans going nuts and we were shocked. And then really talking to fans in person and learning that we had a real impact on them when they were like 15 years old, and I know what that’s like being 15 years old-music saved my life literally and a certain amount of people were affected by what we wrote and we were really inspired to get back to it.

G: I was 12 when Hot Show came out and I remember it vividly, it was definitely on the playlist of my early teen years. Now your tour is called “Forever 1999” but your song “Love Me Tinder” drops you right into 2017. What made you want to write about Tinder?

P: Well, Tinder is the worst for Simon’s psychology, because Simon is like a perpetual sex and love addict looking for the next best thing. So even before Tinder that was the problem for him, he messed up really good relationships. But now it’s really bad.

G: I feel like a lot of people can relate to that. Do you think its the love song of our time?

P: Well, that would certainly be nice. It’s not for me to judge but it is definitely part of Simon’s issues.

G: So there’s a storytelling aspect to your music. It is bright and bubbly but it is threaded with issues of love and anxiety. Do you think those things compliment each other?

P: Yeah, as a songwriter I tend to be drawn toward things that juxtapose each other lyrically and musically so it just simply put if you have a super happy melody I think it adds another layer when the lyrics aren’t so happy and it adds some depth and the opposite can be true as well-slow songs don’t necessarily have to have heartache. Some musicians can do happy with happy and I’m really jealous of them.

G: Yeah, I’ve always found that really interesting about Prozk. I think that’s why you stood out initially and that’s why you stand out now. 

So because we’re a BC based blog, what are you looking forward to most about touring through British Columbia?

P: Well, the bouncy floor at the Commodore Ballroom is going to be so much fun, especially for Prozzäk. Prozzäk has not played the Commodore, I think Philosopher Kings did way back. I think the high energy of the show and getting everyone bouncing around. So that’s going to be fun. I love BC, it is so beautiful to drive through the mountains and stop at those cities and its always great.

Get Your Tickets for the Forever 1999 tour for these B.C. dates!

April 14th Commodore Ballroom Vancouver

April 16th Sugar Night Club Victoria