Vancouver, BC

Having just returned from their first Western Canadian tour, we sat down and talked with Derrival before their homecoming show at the Biltmore Cabaret. We asked them all about their tour, promotion process, album plans, and what they like in an audience. This is a band that has some serious energy when they perform, and the talent to go with it.

The Pinecones

Toronto, Ontario

Read the hilarious interview with Toronto band, The Pinecones. With three albums, and a fourth on its way, this band bolsters a sense of direction that is enjoyable to see, listen to, and discuss. Read on to hear about their inspirations, advice to new bands, and take on the recording industry today.

Michelle Schultz

British Columbia

We interviewed Michelle Schultz, an aspiring rock-pop-country artist. Michelle writes her own music, as well as being an active member of the community. We talked to her all about her influences, goals, current projects, and how she keeps herself busy. 

Justine Collins

Vancouver, BC

Country singer-songwriter Justine Collins has big aspirations; Nashville big. With a YouTube channel packed with original songs and covers, Collins shows she has the heart, personality, and talent to achieve her goals. We talked with Collins about her inspirations, the song-writing process, common themes in her songs (HINT: her dad calls them "Man-Bashers") and more.

Still Creek Murder

Vancouver, BC

Vancouver rock-duo Sam and Shay of Still Creek Murder were sure they would never work out as a band, until they started playing together. Read on to find out how these two opposite people discovered that together they can create something truly unique. We talk to the duo about their creative process, how to interpret their EP, personal inspirations, and more.

My Side of the Mountain

Kelowna, BC

This Kelowna post-rock band met in their college audio-engineering program and have been playing shows around the Okanagan ever since. We ask them about their individual musical histories, influences, favourite hangout spots in Kelowna, and more.

The Newks

Kelowna, BC

Kelowna based band, The Newks, talk to Geyser about what it's like trying to break into the music scene, favourite rock musicians, musical guilty pleasures, and why it's important to support your local music scene.


Victoria, BC

A YouTube channel, created by Allegra and Kiaran, follows the two as they drive around scenic Victoria. With great music, a new location each week, and surprise guests, the channel has the perfect amount of whimsy for us to enjoy. 


Vancouver, BC

This synth-pop duo has put everything on hold to make it big. They give Geyser the scoop on what has led them to this point, upcoming albums, future goals, and even a look at what the Vancouver music scene is like for different genres of music.

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