Released February 17, 2015

By Adam Briscoe

Jennifer Hershman has released her third album, Never Ever Wanna. From reckless love, to pinball machines and Dairy Queen, what more could you ask for in an opening track? Keep Each Other Alive has all this, complete with sweet memories of the past being draped over clean acoustics and adorable hand claps. You can sense some inspiration from Pink Floyd during the break-down in the song, with the dreamy guitar riffs reminiscent of The Great Gig In The Sky.

Then comes the title track of the EP, Never Ever Wanna. An eerie rock piece full of sneaky little keyboard riffs and versatile vocal melodies that flow smoothy through your ears. On We Could Be Endless, Hershman carries a sweet and caring voice throughout. The background vocals have an angelic feel, and the sweet guitar peaks throughout the song. It's finished off with a little trail of vocals, and a humming guitar finish that is absolutely fantastic.

Desert Heart brings a new dimension to the EP, with its darker tone similar to something Heart might have made. The sassy guitar shots and warm bass tones are great. Hershman holds these great high tones along with the little trilled during ending phrases. The small details really do make this song.

Finally comes I Know Why, another song full of tight and beautiful harmonies. This song isn't really a standout from anything else on the EP, and can come off a little cheesy lyrically. However, again the vocals are fantastic.