Edmonton, Alberta

August 22, 2016

Jesse and the Dandelions are a 4 piece art/space pop band composed of Jesse Northey (guitar, vox / producer, engineer), Tasy Hudsom (drums), Dean Kheroufi (bass), and Cayley Thomas (keys, vox). 

Based in Edmonton, Alberta, Jesse and the Dandelions will be releasing their third full length album, True Blue, in September 2016. The album aims to create a cacophonous blend of noise and meticulously layered melody and harmony. 

They've played at Breakout West, Canadian Music Week, JUNOfest, and Sled Island.

We talked to Jesse about True Blue, Jesse's past in figure skating, their influences growing up, the Edmonton music scene, and more!



Twitter: @jessedandelion

Jesse's Current Playlist

1. Andy Shauf - The Magician

2. Unknown Mortal Orchestra - The World Is Crowded

3. Wings - Bluebird

4. Belle and Sebastian - The Blues Are Still Blue

5. MGMT - Siberian Breaks

6. Case/Land/Veirs - Atomic Number

7. The Flaming Lips - My Cosmic Autumn Rebellion

G: What's your favourite song to play off of True Blue?

J: The song Brother has really taken on a life of it’s own live. It ends up being really powerful and people really dig it. Some of the songs are hard to translate from the album, but this one transitioned smoothly.

G: What was the creative process like creating True Blue? Did you stick to old styles, or try something new?

J: With True Blue we really tried to push it to the limit as far as production goes. There’s points where there are guitar solos over top of an orchestra with backwards piano’s and wild drum fills. The goal was to try and still make it melodic and accessible while trying to find the outer limits of what was acceptable and tasteful. In the past I think I was more content to keep the songs pretty straight forward. In another sense, the lyrics on this album are more vague and existential whereas previous lyrics were quite personal and to the point.

G: Which Canadian musician/group had the biggest influence on you growing up?

J: I’m a huge Weakerthan’s fan. I think lyrically they’re fantastic and I’ve always loved the production too. Left and Leaving is a definite staple for me. I used to be really into Metric with their Old World Underground record and Live It Out. Don’t really like where they’ve taken things, but that’s par for the course with a lot of artists! Canada did indie rock really well and in their own way!

G: What similarities do you see artistically between figure skating and music?

J: The thing that I liked about figure skating was how effortless it felt for me. You put in a tiny bit of energy and you get to glide for so long! It really did feel natural for me though, and I never got that feeling back until I started to play guitar. I feel like a guitar is an extension of my body at this point and when I think of some chords or melodies I can translate them through the guitar pretty quickly! It’s a great feeling. I guess also depending on the decade, spandex!

G: How would you describe the Edmonton music scene?

J: Edmonton’s music scene is very strong! We are a very supportive community and the support system crosses all genres (in my opinion). There are some really great acts from here that are world class! Shout out out out, Faith Healer, The Provincial Archive, and so many more! People work hard here. It’s a pretty blue collar music scene, but I really appreciate that about it.

G: What is the most intriguing place you've ever played?

J: One time I had to play a gig in a library for some provincial arts days. The first time I struck a chord, the whole library looked over to me and shushed. 

G: What's your favourite thing to see in the audience?

J: An audience that is paying attention is a good audience in my opinion! Whether they are sitting quietly listening, or dancing, I’m really fine with both!

G: What are 5 things you need to have on the road?

J: Hilariously, I hardly think we’ll even have 5 things. I guess some basic stuff like a toothbrush and as many pairs of underwear as you can fit in any spare spots in the car! The instruments take up almost all of the room!

G: Thank you for chatting!