Released April 14, 2015

By Graham White

Jocelyne Baribeau’s latest release, “Entre Toi et Moi”, is packed with bright and powerful vocality atop a solid foundation of slide guitar licks. Accordion and organ round out the tracks while listeners are struck by claw-hammer banjo and vocal harmonies. Each track manages to maintain musical autonomy, easily switching from country inspired tunes to folk-rock, proving Baribeau’s ability to create songs that defy the limitations of a genre.

Singing the majority of the album in French, bilingual and French-speakers will certainly get the most enjoyment from her lyricism, while English-speakers will have to be content with enjoying Baribeau’s vocal range. This in itself is very much appreciated by listeners, in particular on François, where the Parisian styled tune compliments Baribeau’s voice to a wonderful extent. No matter your native tongue, you will find yourself roaming cobblestone streets with a bottle of wine in one hand and rampant flirtatiousness in the other.

The album starts off slow but builds into some darling tracks that have an upbeat and evocative tone. Jo Allait Vite and If What I Had Was You have a cheeky humour that fits in quite wonderfully with the aesthetic Baribeau has carefully crafted. The album as a whole feels a bit like a soundtrack for a ‘coureur du bois’, or perhaps more accurately, for a ‘fille du roi’. Each track tells a story that will resonate with listeners, while the instrumentation provides listeners with affective and enjoyable dancefloor. This is not an album just for country music lovers, it is a work that can be appreciated by anyone with a penchant for soft-spoken ballads and upbeat line-dances.