Released January 12, 2015

By Adam Briscoe


Excuse Me is the latest sound creation from the Orlando based musician Joe Blessett. Coming from an inspiration from the likes of Kanye West to Pink Floyd, most music lovers would want to dive right into this and check out how the two are intertwined.

The title track, Excuse Me, is interesting as it sounds like a live studio compilation of sound to introduce the name of the album. It is then followed up by Who’s In My Shit, a song that sounds like a sample of 90’s stock music layered with different stock horn sounds and deep robotic voice effects. A lot of the songs such as That’s the way u living and Paying Bills have a great reggae presence to them, though some sections of music seem out of time from others and don’t seem to be well organized or constructed. The bass effects sound like a cheap phaser effect was added over top to add a sound that seems more fluctuating than it really is. Other songs, that are solely instrumental, are more jazzy and reminiscent of Blessett’s previous work. For example the song Joe Blow is a great jazz instrumental filled with great saxophone melodies and solos and the song In The City has a lot of fantastic classic guitar patterns and great electronic beats. The final song, Athena’s Theory, is kind of a throwback to old video game music such as Super Mario Bro’s and Legend of Zelda. Again it is slightly out of time in sections but besides that it is kind of eerie and interesting to listen to.

Unfortunately this album seems to be mixing too many styles together at once. The outcome of this ends up being an album that just isn't very cohesive both between songs, and at times within individual songs. Certain songs just have too much happening, and would be a better listen if toned down.