Latimer House - Singles

Released Summer 2014

By Graham White


Birdcage Walk (Single)

Latimer House’s recently released single Birdcage Walk is an organ infused, rock driven bonanza of positive, lifting rhythm. Tight, rhythmic guitar backs up magnificently musical melodies and fills listeners with both nostalgia and the urge to groove. The track is home to some wonderful guitar fills that exemplify mastery of the instrument, being expressive without stealing the show. Mixing guitar focused melodies with potent socio-political lyricism, Birdcage Walk is a track filled with pleasurable musicality. With an unconventional vocal tone that is deeper and less concerned with larynx shredding screams and more focused on lyrical messages, it's no surprise that the track succeeds at being understandable, allowing listeners to consider the true meaning of the words. Birdcage Walk is a dynamic and interesting track that brings listeners closer with it’s sincere vocality and lyrical, pure guitar riffs, making for a track that is sure to pique the interest of 1960’s pop lovers.

Until Then (B-side)

Heavily distorted guitar and a hard rock beat greet listeners as they tune in to the experimental and progressive B-side, Until Then. With spectacular trumpeting brass and heavy handed political lyrics, the track provides listeners with a truly enjoyable musical experience. A raging guitar tone contrasts with the exceptionally calm chorus, making for a dynamic and entrancing listen. The track provides listeners with an amazing exposé of Latimer House’s supreme lyricism, powerful and truthful with a touch of humour. With a sound that falls somewhere between The Talking Heads and Syd Barrett, Until Then is a grooving track from beginning to end, full of potent lyrics and danceable riffs.

Splash! - All The Rage

A summery bass line shakes hands with the listener, smiling all the while. As Splash! opens, the listener is struck with immense positivity. Grinning rhythmic guitar compliments the almost silly lyrics to near perfection, while organ keeps the positive vibe consistent. Splash! is a track that exemplifies the worry-free attitude of summer, harmonizing with beaches and cloudless days, making me wish that autumn could wait for a few months. Enjoyable and affective, with an old school rock feel, Splash! is a track that fills the listener with positive energy and good spirits!