Laura Reznek - Who Came Before Us

Released September 3, 2014

By Morgan Berna

Laura Reznek’s latest, Who Came Before Us, is the follow up to her debut full length release, How Strange to Find You Here. With this new album, Reznek continues to bring audiences her smoky vocals, catchy piano melodies, and wonderful crescendos. Who Came Before Us is a discussion on the relationship between cause and effect, exploring themes of the past intertwining with the future, as much as it is an enjoyable listen for those who enjoy good, solid instrumentation and a catchy beat.

Opening track, The Ones You Love, pulls audiences into the album with flourishing piano melodies, ambient vocals, and crescendos that rise toward wonderfully distorted guitar rifts. While closing track, Back Again, leaves you feeling soothed with it’s jazzy vocals, immersive harmonies, and powerful dynamics.

What is so unique about this album is that each song is an intellectual piece as much as a sonar one. Be My City questions the human relationship with nature, Apparation makes statement to our return to an animal state at the end of our lives, and Wild makes you think twice about why we act so competitive with each other with lyrics such as, “Everyone thinks life is  a game you have to win in.

If you are looking for an album with a full, solid sound, that has the capacity to intrigue your mind as well as your ears, look no further than Who Came Before Us. The harmonies, amazing crescendos, and cool piano was able to pique my interest, and the thought-provoking lyrics were enough to keep me listening all album long.