Leah Mertz - Rewire EP

Released January 10, 2015

By Christina Ferguson

Rewire begins with an instrumental version of what you might have imagined floating in the depths of the galaxy might sound like if the stars surrounding you could create music. With each layer that comes into earshot the sound evolves, giving us a charging transformed imagination. Instrumental introductions are always interesting because we get to observe where our minds end up with no lyrics to distract and guide us. Rewire starts off with an open opportunity to create an image for the sound being presented and we can’t help but have a gleaming train of thought going into the next song.

Where You Are enlightens us slowly with steady ambient waves that float around the flow of lyrics sung. Not so much a steady guided beat as it is a free flow of transcending emotion and sound, depending on the listener’s experience.

The sound becomes more lucid as the pace increases during My Mind. By this point the listener feels simmered in their own evolved stream of consciousness, tapping their fingers along by the middle of the song. Using a stronger voice than before to transcend her message, we are now ready to analyze the nature of what is actually influencing us. By the time we reach Take My Hand, the dreamy state brings you to the edge of Jupiter, gazing upon the solar system while listening to the stars, and daydreaming next to the ones you love. Leah embodies a trance like state with her voice. She gives us a still moment to just feel time passing as we fester in our own fears holding us back from a potential breakthrough, giving us the impression that we are never truly alone. While her message may be clear, the feeling of an unfinished song lingers.

Ending off the original five tracks included in the EP, Circles (Reprise) had me standing in a white room with my eyes shut, with mists of rain on my face as my feet are dangling above the entirety of this dream-like state. The latter of the song feels refreshing and inspiring. We were treated with two upbeat remixes at the end of the five tracks. Having the remixes at the end gave the rest of the EP the edge that it lacked. Namoo Nara beautifully captured the essence of Circles with an uplifting charge to the track. We finish off with a steady projection of Where you are (Jeremy Lim Remix), feeling simple yet refreshingly upbeat.

Overall Rewire could be pegged for something you might have on in the background when reading or skating in the dead of winter with twinkle lights surrounding you. With soft spoken lyrics and soothing piano, not to mention the mix of controlled ambient sounds, it’s hard not to put yourself in a relaxed state by the end of Rewire.