Photo credit Alex Waber

Photo credit Alex Waber

Les Chaussettes

Vancouver, BC  

June 5, 2014

We met up with Vancouver pop-group, Les Chaussettes, on Commercial Drive to chat in the sunshine about their upcoming 7", unique retro sound, message to their audience, and interesting hobbies. Formed just over a year ago, Les Chaussettes is made up of four lovely ladies who are equal parts hilarious, and down to Earth.



G: How did Les Chaussettes get started?

Bella: The band got started on my birthday. We were all hanging out and I really wanted to jam with my friends so I literally pulled them into my basement and we started learning a cover. Maria had never even held a bass before. The next day we were all sort of in disbelief that it had happened, but it was fun so we kept jamming all summer. Now a year later, here we are.

G: Were any of you in a band before Les Chaussettes?

Jovana: Bella's played in other bands. I've had a solo project which Bella played in too, but it didn't feel like a real band and wasn't any fun. When I me Bella, we wanted to play music together right away. This group formed shortly thereafter. Now we have fun!

G: The band has a really unique, retro sound. What was the inspiration behind it?

Maria: We have a pretty interesting mix of people in this band, and we each have our own individual flavour of music we like. When we're jamming we try to combine those into this 60s surf-pop, bubblegum fun sound. That's our underlying theme. But, a lot of different elements get tossed into it.

G: Are there any bands you're channeling with your sound?

Amanda: I don't think so, I think it's really our personalities.

Maria: Originally we wanted to be really traditionally pop, but we added in different elements and it's grown to be something really different from that.

Photo credit Alex Waber

Photo credit Alex Waber

G: Do you have an album in the works?

Bella: We're working on a 7" and hope to have that out soon.

G: Who writes the lyrics, and what's that creative process like?

Jovana: Bella and I have written most of the songs, or we'll write as a band. Typically we bring in ideas to rehearsal and tweak them together.

Amada: They write a lot about their exes [laughs].

Bella: Jovana writes love songs and I write lust song.

G: Is there a message you want to send to your audience?

Jovana: Pugs not drugs.

G: Any elaboration on that?

Joavana: Nope, that's good.

Photo credit Alex Waber

Photo credit Alex Waber

G: What do you struggle with in the Vancouver music scene?

Jovana: There's not enough venues!

Bella: More specifically, the ratio of proper venues versus bars. We play in bars a lot, but would love to play at places like galleries and those types of venues as well.

Maria: People are open here which is nice, but making initial connections can be hard. There can be a feeling a separation in the arts scene in Vancouver, with all types of art. It can be hard to branch out of your art scene if there's not a lot of intermingling happening between art styles.

G: Is there a particular venue you like to play at in Vancouver?

Bella: I really like the Electric Owl. They have a really fun an awesome crew running it and they do an awesome job. The sound is always really great too.

G: Is there anything you find challenging about working together as a band?

Amanda: I feel like our band is so casual all the time. We don't have problems with each other ever.

Maria: When we first got started people said since we were a girl band we'd have so much drama, but we never really have and things have been great.

Amanda: I feel like it depends on the people. As a girl band we all really work to communicate with each other and always are making sure we're on the same page with what we feel like doing and how we feel about things. It seems a little counter-intuitive, but I've played in other bands and found them so much more difficult communication-wise compared to how this group has been. None of us are difficult people, so it just works.

G: Where will we see Les Chaussettes in a year? Do you hope to make a career out of music?

Bella: I would love to make it a career for sure. I hope it takes us places, and that we can travel.

Maria: In a year I want to still play together, it's a great way to spend your time hanging out with three beautiful ladies all the time. The eventual goal would be touring.

Jovana: I have a more niche-goal. I want to teach guitar to physicists. So, if you're a physicist - call me.

Les Chaussettes: [laughs]

G: What has been your biggest accomplishment to date?

Bella: PLAYBOY likes our song and is going to use it for something online. Stay tuned!

Amanda: I can't wait to call my mom and tell her I'm in PLAYBOY, [laughs] but just my drums!

G: Last question, do you, individually, have any unique hobbies?

Maria: Myself, Jovana, and Bella do circus. I do about 12 hours a week of aerial silk, hoop, trapeze and handstands.

Bella: Jovana and I do aerial silk, hoop and trapeze as well.

Amanda: I don't do circus, but I am a painter and an artist.

G: Great, thank you for chatting with us! Looking forward to the EP.