Lovecoast - Chasing Tides EP

Released November 4, 2014

By Morgan Berna

Chasing Tides is everything an R&B inspired EP should be - catchy, soulful, and focused on quality musicianship. With a collective group background in post-secondary music education, it’s no surprise that Lovecoast knows how to get the audience’s attention. The quality of their music shows their attention to detail, and the way they manage to have each instrument in the spotlight without any overtaking the others, vocals included, is impressive.

Chasing Tides starts off with Letters, an easy favourite off the EP for it’s upbeat rhythm, and angry, passionate lyrics. Danielle’s smokey vocals paired with funky brass, punchy bass and upbeat drums pays a shiny homage to the throws of heartbreak. Letters speaks to finding out that the person you’ve pined after doesn’t appreciate you. Danielle soulfully sings that she’s happy to have never sent her love letters, because she’s realized that she’s “not the kind to be left behind.”

Our Days has a very stress-free vibe to it, with Danielle’s vocals blending into the mix of instruments creating one unifying sound. This track feels like a warm, hazy day, where you just can't help but feel relaxed. Waiting On You starts off with a catchy electric guitar rift. It’s a dichotomy between an empowering, “I don't need you" song, and a love song. With Danielle saying one moment that, “too much of me has been waiting on you to come around,” and the next that despite this she’ll be “waiting on you.”

One Night definitely has one of the catchiest rhythms of the EP. This track has a surf-rock vibe and is very danceable. It tells the story of wanting to just put the pain of relationship trouble aside for a moment, and just have a fun time. This is one you’ll find yourself humming for days.

The album ends on a calm note, with Help You - a modern, soft rock piece. This track really showcases Lovecoast’s ability to give a spotlight to each instrument without having any overtake the others. The guitar is fun, but doesn’t distract from the groovy drums or bass. Overall, this is a fun album from a band that has a great energy. We can’t wait to see what they do next.