Show @ The Waldorf - Vancouver

November 7, 2014

By Graham White

With infectious energy, Lovecoast released their debut EP, Chasing Tides, to a packed room at the Waldorf alongside openers Chersea and GOODWOOD ATOMS.

Expressive pop grooves bursting with baritone saxophone and trombone made for an extremely entertaining show. Groovy beats and funk driven guitar mesh beautifully with Danielle Sweeney’s soulful vocality, grabbing the attention of the audience and inviting them to dance. Great energy, exceptional stage presence and ridiculously sexy tunes were plentiful as Lovecoast played through brand new songs such as Moving Mountains and The Floor. The surfy funk tone that Lovecoast has mastered is absolute gold. Exquisite funk bass throughout made for great dance music, full of life, energy, and dynamism.

The audience was clearly enamored, with a wide range of demographics coming out to enjoy the soul-filled funk Lovecoast provided. It is music that is danceable no matter your age, for it is nostalgic and fresh all at once. 

To describe the show as anything but fun would be impossible, and with the amount of love and energy that Lovecoast puts into their music, we can only look forward to the next chance to see these magnificent performers perform!