Released May 18, 2015

By Fiona Roome

Luca Bash’s Single Drops is somewhat of a sampler of his various other EPs. Bash takes one song from each of his previous EPs Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key Black, and features a new single Your Tomorrow, as the opening track. Bash favours the upbeat folk flavour with intricate string melodies. As Layla Marino of says, his style is “a sort of fusion between latin-inspired guitar and country Americana.”

Single Drops harkens back to the basics: it’s entirely string and vocals based and uses no percussion instruments at all. So if you’re looking for something with a heavy beat to groove with, this might not be the EP for you. But if you like a laid back sound that’s melodically intricate, a dusk-in-the-mid-west kind of EP, you will like what you hear.

Luca Bash’s EP shows that he is unquestionably talented. The technical complexity of the guitar is maintained throughout each track and he has a distinct singing voice. His songs are also lyrically strong. However, most of the tracks have the tendency to blend together into one interchangeable song. A lack of instrumental diversity might be partially to blame for this. As a result, his sound, although technically proficient, generally does not stand out from other indie-folk singer/songwriters.

That said, Little Tale definitely stands out in terms of diversity and overall sound. The melody suits Bash’s vocal range quite well, and the song experiments with changes in tempo, which keeps it interesting for the listener.

Luca Bash is an Italian singer-songwriter. Initially he began as a violinist and later developed as a guitarist. He started the musical ensemble BASH in Rome, which came to an end in 2011. Following this, Bash partnered with Giova (Giovanni) Pes to create a series of EPs all titled after colours. Single Drops is composed mainly of songs from these EPs.

Overall, it's not making big waves with us, but is worth a listen for fans of indie-folk with a consistent and technically complex sound.