Lyonn - Empty Bed

Released February 26, 2015

By Morgan Berna

Lyonn has recently gone from being a solo act, to a duo, and we look forward to seeing how this change will be expressed on the upcoming EP, We’ll Light The Sky. While we wait for the EP's April 7th release date, we’ve got their first single for you, Empty Bed.

What we like about Lyonn is that they’re an alternative-pop band that isn’t trying too hard to be something else. They have their own style, and they throw in other musical influences, but when it comes down to it they have this inherent pop sound that’s familiar and comforting. Lyonn’s music is heartfelt, emotive, and catchy.

Empty Bed is a melancholic track that speaks to the throws of heartbreak, and it’s just one of those songs you know you’ll be listening to the next time you’re ending a relationship. It gets all the nasty, sad feelings out while still keeping you feeling upbeat. These types of songs are needed as much as they’re enjoyed. The instrumentals are catchy and unique, the vocals are raw, and overall it just feels soothing.

We'll have to wait a bit longer to hear how Lyonn has evolved with the addition of a new member, but in the meantime you can give Empty Bed a listen by clicking here.