Released January 2, 2015

By Adam Briscoe

Coming from across the pond to our ears here in Canada is Mark Maze. Born and raised in Leicester, England Maze witnessed many friends fall to bad decisions, but his ambition and love for music was greater and pushed his want for a better life. Now he brings us the brand new album Uncomfortable Truths.

Kicking off this album, and contributing as the album's single, is The Devil May Cry. Unleashing sweet piano melodies and passionate vocals resembling the whimper in softer Michael Jackson songs. Throughout the entirety of the album you can hear the passion and love in Maze’s voice. Maze sticks to a softer vocal tone, and while passionate, it would be nice to see him use more power in his vocals. Most songs start with this low sensual voice which has a very cool tone to it, but can get tiresome after a few tracks. Some change in vocal power would have helped add some kick to most of this album. As for the instrumentals, at times the levels of the music can overpower Maze's vocals in both volume and excitement, an issue that could be resolved with some changes in the production. However, despite these minor issues, Maze has a beautiful voice that has potential. If you listen to the song What Are We Fighting For you can hear a lot more sweetness in his voice and a bit more power than previous songs.

Overall, it's not a bad album, but it does have enough issues that it could be easily forgotten. It's a fun pop album, but at the same time it's not really something new or fresh. Regardless, Maze certainly shows vocal promise, and we look forward to seeing what improvements come from the next album.