Marry Me

Album Release Party @ the Red Room - Vancouver

September 6, 2014

Marry Me’s Album Release Party at the Red Room in Vancouver, BC, combined powerful multi-vocalism with an enduring energy. Opening with Feeling and facing some technical glitches, the talented punk/blues/rock group held onto an energy and an attitude that kept the dance floor alive. With crisp, raging guitar and the full, rich sound that can only be heard with these talented vocalists, it is only natural that they would also have a brilliant presence on the stage, able to step over glitches and move forward, propelling the energy in the space to glorious heights. Following with Rock & Roll Love, they exemplified the rock and roll attitude, giving a fun, danceable energy. For such energetic and moveable music, it is always a shame to see arms crossed in the crowd, though it quickly changed with Boom’s driving beat, to which none could resist a touch of head bobbing. The seriously UMPH-y sound of the vocal harmonies made for an hair-raising performance.

The show continued with bare-boned blues inspired earsplitting solos, hard hitting tone, with Marry Me pouring blood and sweat into their act. For The Liars built a strong dance groove combining Natalee’s voice, heavy bass, and a high intensity, consistent drumming.

Ignite followed, combining a touch of rock classics with modern punk. Fast paced to the teeth, the band demonstrated impressive showmanship and involvement with the audience, continually keeping the flow going despite the occasional technical issue. Sexy & Suffering would serve to get the audience truly moving and returning the energy given out by Marry Me, which is impressively still given out in abundance. Marry Me had a stage presence that was real and raw, though it left more to be expected. Being third on the bill, having just finished a tour, as well as having a new record just out, listeners may have expected something more. Regardless, Marry Me put on an enjoyable performance and we look forward to seeing what they'll do next.