Marry Me

Show @ the Media Club - Vancouver

October 24, 2014

Electric guitar, bass and drums blasted out of The Media Club Friday night as soon as the doors opened. I was there to see Marry Me, a local Vancouver rock and blues band that will get your feet moving.They are a tight knit group with amazing chemistry, stage presence and most important of all great music. I showed up early and I sat down and listened to the opening bands.

First was Bristol To Memory from Orange County, California. They had great stage presence, heavy rock and excellent chemistry. The guitarist even chucked a pick into the audience. They left us saying, “Canada has delicious air and beer.”

Next, The Stone Travellers from Surrey, B.C. They had their bass player center stage leading the group in heavy and grungy rock. This group upheld the image of a rock band with aggressive drums and guitar, leather jackets and long hair.

Third was This Side of Town from Vancouver, B.C. The way these guys started out was stiff, like they were nervous, but that quickly melted away and they played a great show. From what I heard in their last songs I can tell this group has the makings to be great.     

Finally, Marry Me took the stage. They looked perfectly at home on stage, with terrific energy and some great music. The group consists of lead guitarist and singer Danny Lovelock, Natalee Fera on bass and vocals, Kenny Dietrich on drums, and Adam Jeal on keys and vocals. Their set showed their attention to detail, showcasing a wide variety of talents the band possesses. The songs ranged from upbeat pieces to slow ones, with groovy and aggressive pieces scattered throughout.

Marry Me opened their set with Feeling, a groovy piece that drew the crowd in close. Danny showcased his power house vocals holding some really great high notes with amazing sustain. Rock n' Roll Love was a great switch up and showed that Lovelock can sing in a variety of styles. This was the first time that we heard Natalee sing with an incredibly rich voice. Boom showed off some amazing guitar leads, and The Bailiff had the vocalists harmonizing, ending the night off right by showing the audience just how tight and rehearsed their group act is.

Overall, Marry Me was a very enjoyable group to see. Their vocals were perfectly suited for blues-rock music, and their instrumentation left us wanting more.