Max Marshall - Back Through the Meadows EP

Released August 1, 2014

By Adam Briscoe

Say good morning to Max Marshall with the first track off his latest (Back Through the Meadows EP), Wellwishers, sweeping into your day like a sunrise. The beautiful finger-picking starts you on a journey in Muskoka, with nuances of nature felt throughout the lyrics - reminiscent of Gordon Lightfoot and Cat Stevens.

Max Marshall proves to be an outstanding wordsmith right from the get go. Creating such poetry alongside more acoustic imagery drops you right in the great Canadian country. Look no further for that perfect hiking soundtrack than this EP.

Never has a song made me crave jam more so then Damson Jam. With fantastic acoustic riffs, and even a killer finger-picking solo, Max Marshall will make you feel like true justice is being done for the Canadian folk scene (until you remember this song is about making some jam with friends…and start really craving a PB&J).

A short and sweet song with small acoustic melodies, Song of Quiet Trust, is a fantastic flowing piece that you can just chill out to and forget the rest of the world. For a minute or two at least.

In this final song, Add A Lash, Max Marshall gives you another lyrical and acoustic soundscape to hide away in. Back Through the Meadows is the perfect EP for any relaxing moment you can think of. Max Marshall really serves the folk world of Canada well.