Mounties - Thrash Rock Legacy

Released March 4, 2014

By Morgan Berna


Thrash Rock Legacy is quickly gaining popularity with Canadians, however I’m not too sure it is with me. I’ve been having mixed feelings with this album and I’ll explain why. The monster-sized 14 track album is packed with catchy, upbeat, playful songs. Drum beats are classic, the vocals are good, and overall the album has a fun indie-rock vibe. Anyone who listens to alternative radio stations has likely heard Headphones played at least a dozen times. This song is a catchy classic from the album, showcasing Mounties’ style perfectly. A personal favourite from the album is Tokyo Summer. This track has a unique sound with hazy vocals, a chill feel, and fun guitar solos making it a standout on the album. If This Dance Catches On stands out as well with its deeper vocals and eerie vibe. Lyrics are melancholic as opposed to the usual happy-go-lucky style the majority of the songs have. However, here is where my issue is- Aside from these few tracks not many others stood out as memorable to me. The album is definitely good and has a consistent easy-listening style, but unfortunately when you have an album with such a large track list individual songs tend to get lost in the mix. The lack of diversity in track styles became a bit of an issue half way through listening to the album and I felt this could have been avoided by choosing fewer tracks for the album to really showcase Mounties' best works. There is definitely no lack of talent on the album, but perhaps something lacking in the execution. While it is not the album to choose if you are looking for an engaged listening experience, I'd agree it is perfect to throw on at a spring BBQ. At the end of the day it’s a great band, and while the album had a few issues for me you’ll still find me dancing like crazy at a Mounties concert.

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