My Side of the Mountain - Walnut St.

Released July 21, 2014

By Graham White

Like ripples in a pool of mercurous liquid, Walnut St moves hypnotically, weaving together it’s individual parts into a monumental whole. It wraps around the listener’s ears, as if tucking them in to sleep in a bed of white molasses. Combining long, drawn out musical phrases with powerful rhythm, My Side of the Mountain sits down to play these intimate melodies with a passion unmatched. It is a plan without direction, a wandering hitchhiker without time constraints or a final destination.

Beginning with the ever positive Yellow Knives, the listener is immediately treated to a go-with-the-flow pick-me-up. The track is uplifting, bringing one up to it’s lofty altitude. The listener is left with a carefree attitude in a joyous trance, a state of smiling serenity. Rolling into Dark and Scary, slow and steady with elastic melodies and drawn out phrases, dropping and climaxing to create emotional vibrations within the listener. It pushes and pulls the listener’s heart-strings for an electrically charged ride. Fightful (Parts I and II) further emphasizes the dichotomy between loud and soft, light and dark. With such contrast, it is not shocking to be emotionally attached to the musical stylings.

Scooter Snakes builds with intensity into a laid back feel, utilizing African sounding drums to produce a very chilled out vibe. It flows into the background, becoming a part of the listener’s inner thoughts, with guitar sounds that embody the very notion of beauty. It Speaks follows with further lunar echoing and a rhythmic mélange to die for, building into an insatiable melody that hungers for more. It Speaks speaks a language any audiophile would appreciate. Closing with Closure, with prolonged melodic riffs building into a familiar post-rock experience. Perhaps the darkest of the tracks, Closure becomes the very surreal and the very potent, a coming of age, a journey into the mind and beyond it’s confines. It closes the album harmoniously and with a sense of sombre completion.

For the Post-Rock aficionado, My Side of the Mountain has provided jovial sounds with a depth that leads one to believe that there is more underneath the surface. Walnut St. is a lyrical work without lyrics, a story without words, save for the following written by producer Addison Hiller: 

"As the sun begins to rise

I see the dawn paint her picture on my wall

with all the colours of morning

from silhouettes the trees return to characters,

the mountains into giants

the night birds last song echoes out across the lake

as he calls for his love

to whom which he returns.

I too am weary and I lay my head to sleep

life is easy for those of us on Walnut Street." (source)

Walnut St becomes a warm, friendly wave of musical simplicity,  a solid listen for a stressed mind. Meditative and hypnotic, My Side of the Mountain is a band to follow.