Released July 11, 2015

By Joel Strauss

Within the first five seconds of hearing Nashaat Salman’s ‘Universal Melodies Vol. 1’  - released on July 11 2015 - listeners will be impressed by the sheer musicianship and craftsmanship alone. Nashaat is a composer worthy of mention along the likes of Hans Zimmer, John Williams Ennio Morricone, Bernard Hermann, and others heard on film and theatre.  However, as equally impressive as his compositions are Nashaat’s skills in pure instrumentation, he knows how to get behind and instrument and really give it feeling – the unique human quality that moves the soul because of the authenticity.

The first stunning track, Summer Night Joy, showcases brilliance on every instrument, tasteful, exotic Spanish guitar licks and riffs, intricate and nuanced saxophone, violin, and keyboard balanced in the mix with a mastermind’s strategic precision and delicacy. The listener will be instantly transported to Barcelona or Mexico City on a crisp cool night, truly feeling like he or she is taking part in the exotic joys of summer, soothed by several instruments.

The next track, Dancing Star, also edited as a radio single, has a more ‘electronic’ edge, and those with a taste for House Music or Electronica will find much to appreciate. There’s still the same ‘human’ flair within the instrumentation, particular the orchestra arrangements, yet with a firm, electronic backbeat, complete with a variety of well-planned sections that descend and ascend in dynamic.

The third track Chasing displays the same impressiveness as the other songs, with Nashaat’s Salman’s unique ability to make the complex sound easy and natural.  Repeated listens will prove to unravel the astonishing mysteries and subtleties that embody the music.

Some listeners may prefer to hear a back pad of vocals throughout the many layers of instrumentation – the human voice is, after all, the most striking instrument of all. However, this hardly takes away from the sheer scope and breadth of the composer’s works – a composer that all people interested in instrumental music, electronica, house, and film Scores should keep an eye on.