Nate Paladino - Good Boy

(To be) Released November 7, 2014

By Morgan Berna

Nate Paladino’s latest, Good Boy, is a humorous, dichotomous album in the most magnificent way. It kicks off with My Kind of Bitch, a song that, were you to just focus on the instrumentals, would transport you back to a 1950’s diner, where Paladino’s smooth vocals would be flowing out of the jukebox while you sipped away on a milkshake. However, if you listen closer, the upfront and, at times, crude lyrics will bring you right back to 2014. There is just something so contemporary about Paladino singing, “You know I care about you and I’ll always put up with your games,” and, “For better or worse, baby you’re my kind of bitch.” This combination of old style big-band instrumentation, with modern, bitter lyrics grips your attention.

The dichotomous nature of Paladino’s music doesn’t end there. Second song, Buy Your Happiness, is the modern proclamation of love, “I’m going to buy your heart and make it love me.” It just speaks so well to the consumerist nature of modern society, paired with music that just makes you want to slow dance. An ode to the gold digger, if you will. The romantic, ballad-style music, mixed with the bitter, honest lyrics makes Buy Your Love anything but tired and predictable.

Don’t Say Maybe is an upbeat, very Elvis style rock n’ roll song with a questionable, uncomfortable theme. While not super appropriate, it’s definitely a fun song.

A favourite is Something To Prove, a song that instantly has you imagining Paladino drunk, singing love songs at karaoke in a dive bar. The proclamation of love done in this raspy, messy way is an enjoyable listen.

The album closes off with Friend in Need, a more serious, pleading song that speaks to the desire to be a better father, and better support to significant others, while at the same time proclaiming the difficulty in this position. It ends the album off a little less fun than previous songs, but it’s nice to see a slightly more serious side to Paladino’s music.

All in all, this album is an incredibly enjoyable listen. You’ll never be able to predict what Paladino is about to say, and the instrumentals will have you dancing the whole way through. This is one I highly recommend for someone who wants to listen to something humorous, totally contemporary, and different.