Released January 27, 2015

By Larry Chen

Noah Derksen’s debut album Man That I Am is the epitome of everything that defines indie-folk music. With stringy guitars and haunting, strong vocals, the album has everything that is needed to give Derksen his jumpstart in the industry.

The track Man That I Am has Derksen singing about, "Waving goodbye to the old ghost and hello to the man [he is].” The track displays a short snippet of the rest of the album, about a journey through experiences that everyone goes through. The next track, Northern Lights is something that I would personally play at a chill gathering with my friends. Its country, indie sound and rhythm shifts ups the ante. Hannah Darling, the next track, showcases Derksen’s somewhat raw and raspy voice, which really gives me goose bumps while listening to. It’s rather upbeat guitar gives the feeling of a love song, which it is. Derksen’s lyrics and penmanship really show in this song as he sings, “Soon I’ll be right by your side, hold you till the dark subsides.”

Following Hannah Darling is Death by Imagination, a song that is quite dark in its lyrics, but still light with its instrumentation. The song is one of those that you would listen to when it rains, heck this whole album is one to listen to while it rains (which is pretty often here in Vancouver).“Try to go home but soon your feet grow weary,” dictates Derksen as he sings about longing for something. Old Growth, is a semi-happy song about re-innovating and re-imagining who you are as a person. “Darkness all around you, inside you feel the same,” he sings.

Overall, Man That I Am is a solid and strong indie-folk album that can be listened to again, and again, without its sound growing tired. We can't wait to hear what comes from Derksen next.