Show @ Fanclub - Vancouver

August 23, 2014

Paperboy took the stage at Vancouver’s Fanclub in their classic uniform of matching white shirts, shorts, bow ties and suspenders. As they walked onstage, the audience’s attention immediately turned; the crowd had been a rowdy one, and they were ready for more dancing. As Paperboy’s set began, Luke Mortenson's grizzly vocals immediately took center stage on the opening track City at Dawn, accompanied by soulful crescendos and questionable salsa dancing.

As City at Dawn came to a close and I Caught Ya Hidin’ began we got a taste for just how dirty Mortenson's vocals can be. The high energy, rock instrumentals and catchy beat drew the audience onto the dance-floor.

El Scorpiones started with a blood curdling yell, followed by a moment of silence that commanded the audience's attention. The rusty, rugged vocals of El Scorpiones were shrouded by the soulful rock backings, creating a moment that can only be described as animalistic.

Overall, Paperboy put on an incredibly high-energy show that kept the audience interested. The Vernon locals are masters of performing a variety of musical genres, without losing their authentic sound. One moment we found ourselves bobbing our heads to an incredibly performed guitar rift, and the next we would be feeling the need to cozy up to a loved one, wrapped up in the tight squeeze of their soulful bluesy ballads. Paperboy is the band to see if you’re looking to a great night of dancing, amazing instrumentals, and fantastic fun.