Peak Performance Project BC Showcase #2

@ Fortune Soundclub - Vancouver

September 25, 2014

Altered by Mom

Altered by Mom kicked off the night with Body Feels Weird, a chill rock song with a driving beat. While a good song, the calm nature of their opening number, and casual presence on stage would work fine at an ordinary show, but for a competition like this where so much is at stake it would have been nice to see their set start with more energy.

Small Joys, Fantastic Plans and Old Man followed in a similar cozy fashion, with audiences engaged but not necessarily excited. It wasn’t until their fifth song, Joanne, that Altered by Mom seemed to wake up and start playing their hearts out.The energy in the band built up, the music got louder, and the cheers by the audience reflected this changed energy.

Altered by Mom’s set was good, but the slow start to their set was unfortunate to see in such a competitive showcase. Regardless, their instrumentation, vocals, and confidence on stage was on point and we look forward to seeing Altered by Mom grow more as a band and learn to grab the audience right from the get-go.

Miss Quincy and The Showdown

Miss Quincy and The Showdown brought us that immediate excitement we were looking for, with opening number What Is Life If It Ain’t Strange, enveloping audiences in the unique blend of country-rock. Miss Quincy owned the stage from the moment she walked up to her mic stand, appropriately equipped with a beer holder, and the look on audience faces reflected it.

Cool harmonies wove in with Miss Quincy’s smooth lyrics, complimented by the band’s rugged instrumentation. The dirty bass in Bad Love had us grooving, and the raw vocals in Making Money had us craving whiskey.

Miss Quincy and The Showdown is a band to watch out for in this competition, and we can’t wait to see what they do next.


Last up was GOODWOOD ATOMS, a perfect choice for the closing act. The moment they took the stage audiences started going wild, singing along to their first song Red Wine, Old News. The band’s boy-next-door look was contrasted with their rainbow lighting, belly-dancer, and beyond excited fans.

GOODWOOD ATOMS brought us energy in boatloads, and the environment in the venue reflected it. By the end of their first song a full mosh-pit had erupted. Crowd-surfing throughout the set wasn’t uncommon, and there was no shortage of dancing in the room. This was the first band of the evening that had the hair on my arms raised by their bass.

While all incredible bands, GOODWOOD ATOMS definitely stole the show in regards to audience participation.

While GOODWOOD ATOMS wasn’t allowed to play the encore audiences desired, they’ll surely be playing them at future sets to come.