Peak Performance Project BC Finale

@ The Commodore Ballroom - Vancouver

November 20, 2014

By Morgan Berna

Photography credit - Jenn McInnis of Creative Copper Images (The Tourist Company, Derrival, Good For Grapes) and Adam Briscoe (Results)

The Tourist Company

The Tourist Company kicked the night off with a huge cheer from the audience as they took the stage. Their set started on an upbeat note, getting a typically tame Vancouver audience bobbing their heads from the get-go. With cello, violin, guitar, drums, bass, and stand up bass on stage at one time, The Tourist Company had a wonderfully big, full sound.

The opening to radio single, Irrepressible Future, was introduced by group drumming, with a violin overlay. A unique and entrancing start to the single. It was obvious throughout their set that The Tourist Company was excited to be playing this show, with each song getting the audience more and more excited. In fact, we’ve never seen a crowd go as nuts over a cowbell as we did last night.


Derrival started their set fantastically, with each individual member of the band taking to the stage one at a time. Last, lead-singer Adam walked up, grabbed the microphone, and got the audience dancing.

Derrival’s unique sound made them a stand-out in this competition, with audiences going wild for their many single worthy songs, including Victoria Day and Original Script. We've mentioned it before, but Derrival's growth in stage-presence is impressive. Their energy, passion, and confidence on stage really made their set enjoyable.

Good for Grapes

Last, Good For Grapes took the stage to what was definitely the loudest bout of cheering from the audience yet. Throughout their set the audience couldn’t contain their excitement, dancing and chanting the band's name throughout. From the audience swaying their arms to slower songs, to making the floor bounce to their rousing cover of Seven Nation Army it started to become clear who was going to win this competition. It should definitely be noted also that we’ve never seen a trombone player rock-out so hard, and that was incredibly fun to watch. An enjoyable set choice Good For Grapes had was introducing the audience to some new songs, including closing number Show Me The Ropes.


After the three bands played, a video went on-screen showing the previous successes of Peak Performance Project finalists, including the well known bands Dear Rouge and We Are The City.

One by one giant cheques were then unwrapped with The Tourist Company coming in third, winning $50,000. Derrival placed a close second with $75,000 as a prize, and finally Good For Grapes took home the biggest cheque of a whopping $102,700.

Overall, an amazing evening with some fantastic bands that we can’t wait to see more of in the future.