Penthouse Penthouse - Besides EP


By Lane Levesque

The boys over at Penthouse Penthouse have proved once again that you don’t need much in the way of lyrics and vocals to create a great tune with a chill feel. Their new album starts slow with the first track Private Jet, easing you into the rest of the album with a jazzy, smooth, head bobbin’ vibe. Private Jet is the kind of song that makes you want to roll the windows down, crank the volume, don the sunglasses, and show everyone who’s boss.

When you’re done riding through your imaginary town with all the imaginary bystanders watching you roll by with Private Jet playing, you can switch the tune over to Let Me See That. Fitting with Penthouse Penthouse’s usual tone, the instrumental song starts real slow. After a few seconds of just you and the quiet bass guitar, a snappy tempo pops in from out of nowhere and the song gets going. You’ll be bobbing your head to this solid bass line, light tambourine jingle and smooth melody all day every day. This is the type of song to get stuck in your head for days.

When it Rains breaks the feel of the last two songs, kicking off the beat almost instantaneously. Following a short intro featuring the sounds of light rainfall, the jazzy electric guitar picks up the song (and with it, the album) to a whole new level. From here, the tempo picks up and gives you a more energized vibe to get you up off the chair and onto the dance floor.

Last Stop will catch your attention with the stark contrast from the rest of the album. Using When It Rains as a lead into a faster tune, Penthouse Penthouse kills it with the great vocals and phenomenal bass line from Jonathan Stein. Last Stop is just that, the last stop in this album after a short voyage from slow, smooth beginnings into an exciting hip-hop beat that will keep you on the dance floor.

Overall, Besides EP from Penthouse Penthouse is a great album that demands attention from those with a penchant for soulful, jazzy melodies mixed in with a bit of hip-hop.